Saturday, August 30, 2003

ascii Star Wars "movie"

i really can't believe someone(s) actually did this... but if you're bored, telnet

apparently it's the whole movie. i wasn't *that* bored ;)

Friday, August 29, 2003

hmmm... if you live in Australia and you like your Christian reading bite-sized yet non-fluffy, check out the Briefing from Matthias Media and take advantage of their current special:

In September Matthias Media is celebrating its 300th edition of The Briefing. It's an issue not to be missed! Make sure you receive a copy by taking advantage of this incredible offer. Plus if you sign up for a full subscription, we'll not only extend it by 3 months, but we'll give you a $10 Matthias Media gift voucher as well.

* The free subscription is for 3 months only

surf to Matthias Media, or the Briefing front page.

i've been a subsriber since jan this year, and it's money well spent. highly recommended :)
goodness, it's been almost 8 months since my last entry! did anyone miss me? ;)

welcome to the wonderful world of ADSL, courtesy of the good folk at iinet and initial capital expenditure to the tune of nearly $500! (but kindly sponsored by a sibling with deeper pockets... hehe)

so, now that i'm off the dial-up mill, i've decided to revisit my blog. also because i've just been reading someone else's blog, so it jogged my memory/desire. check out pinkronnie - i met this girl when she came up north to visit my youth group camp in july. i think she's into the colour pink... in a BIG way!

ok. 'nuff procrastinating. it's good to be "back" though :)