Monday, August 28, 2006

BLT images

photos from BLT, posted by
  • iggz
  • js
  • moi (along with a few i pinched from another camera)
i gotta say that i do quite like a few of js' creations. the group photo in my previous post was organised by him, and thus looks half decent -- i was happy to delegate that one to somebody whose interest in photography extends beyond whipping out a compact auto and pressing the shutter button without too much thought on lighting, composition, and all those other things that go into the making of a good shot.

- - - - -

i think one of the most valuable things from something like BLT, is the presence of servant-minded Christians who get alongside the delegates, have meaningful conversations, encourage, spur, and pray with them.

not that i experienced or even noticed much at the time, but that's the impression that i get from talking to other people and seeing some of the pictures afterwards.

great that it happens during the camp, not so great that the greatness is perhaps accentuated because it doesn't happen (much?) every other day of the year (even every other weekend/sunday of the year) at the local church level?

Thursday, August 24, 2006


it hasn't always been the most enjoyable of rides... after being involved in organising the inaugural Brisbane Leadership Training conference in 2004, i opted out in year 2, before being drafted back to do more in 06. i had a few very late nights leading up to the camp held last weekend, and was surprisingly alert for the whole thing - awake enough for tasks, if not necessarily people. speaking of whom, a quick glance through the group photo below finds me looking at lots of faces i don't even recall seeing!

maybe it's a tendency for me to zone out when i'm focussed on something (or perhaps being distracted or otherwise occupied also does the trick), but i think i don't really look at people when i'm "working". i barely remember snippets from the talks and the one seminar/workshop i did manage to attend. while i did meet a few new/unfamiliar faces, i don't think i had a single fruitful conversation with anyone, including old friends. in fact, probably the longest conversation i had with anyone (not counting my visitor) was the security guard, who came into the dining hall to get a cup of coffee while i was clearing up, and we probably chatted for a good 15-20 minutes.

and so the whole weekend was a bit of a blur. i'm glad that it's over, and that initial feedback indicates that most other campers found it a good time of networking and learning. i can only praise God that things didn't fall apart, despite my knowing that a lot of preparation was lacking or done somewhat blindly.

i look forward to doing nothing for a while. it won't happen, of course... but at least that one big thing is over and done with (mostly) for now...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

recykled material

i suppose i could go and recycle the sort of thing i say/blog about, around about this time of year. but i'm too lazy to start. instead i'll do two things:

1. say that sunday, though not really anything spectacular, was nevertheless nice. i'd say that pretty much anything is enhanced by welcome company :)

2. on a pretty much totally unrelated note, commend the boys and girls from team CCCB who took part in recykle 2006 on saturday, raising funds for the leprosy mission. i went along and watched what looked to be fairly hard (and painful?) work... here's a clip of some of them in action - bear in mind that this is about 10 minutes into a 60 minute riding session, so they all look pumped and rearing to go now ;)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

ronnie - iron chef dessert

i don't consider myself to be someone with much of a sweet tooth, and that generally precludes indulgence in things dessert. but faced with the vast array of tempting treats that ronnie recently served up for his 21st birthday celebrations last sunday night, i just had to try out at least a representative sample of those offered.

yum, yum! full photo album and a short video clip are also up - maybe one day we'll see him dance ;)

i remember first seeing him as the (at one time) youngest person to join our youth group, and playing cricket at the mansfield oval. seeing how he has grown and matured in Christ over the years has been a blessing and encouragement. spoke a bit to his mum and found out that their whole family is now attending church in the one place, which is awesome progress and an answer to much prayers - praise God :) may He be pleased to continue moving in that family, drawing the lost to Himself and building the found for the glory of His name.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

because it's all very ambiguous

Maybe I'm just growing old;
Losing my mind and getting bald.
Maybe it's a growing fear
Of never ever getting there.
Where is it I am to go?
My Lord, my Lord, won't you please show...
In His word He's told the way:
Child follow me, trust and obey.