Saturday, April 30, 2005

a jacobian effort!

after a 6-7 year wait, my "red wine" friend wed his girl :)

- - - - -

that was last weekend. today, yet another wedding.
that's the 5th for 2005 (of 11) i know about, and 3rd that i've actually attended.
some people meet their match at other people's weddings.
hasn't happened to me yet, tho this year is certainly providing many an opportunity :p

Thursday, April 28, 2005

home! and back to my own bed :)

except that i can't quite enjoy it until i clear away all the stuff that's been piling on it the past 6 weeks :p ahhh... it's nice to get away sometimes, but also good to be back home after an absence.

but it also serves to remind me that i'm really not home yet.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

divergence acceptance

even if two lines are as close as being parallel, they're never going to meet. much less divergent lines, which may start out close, but the distance between them grows with time.

thus i'm prompted to ponder, in a tangential but not altogether unrelated kind of way...


Monday, April 18, 2005

sore forgetful

i started a poem, but can only remember the first few lines... not that it was anywhere near completion, but i'm feeling rather forgetful

a house -
an empty house.
many rooms -
unoccupied, unutilised.

actually i have no idea where i was going to go after these few lines anyway. all i was doing was thinking upon being reminded that my current housesitting stint is fast drawing to a close. and though i had plans and visions of having people over to socialise, cook, eat etc, that never really eventuated. so it feels like a bit of a loss/waste. so yeah, four lines is about as far as i went!

- - - - -

i'm also feeling rather sore. have been playing a bit of sport the past few sundays without too much ill effect, so i'm not sure whether it was the attempt at a little footrace this week (which i lost! but i was up against younger opponents, so this is one rare occasion where it's advantageous for me to claim age concessions :p) or the extra running around i did on saturday, which is contributing to my aches. didn't get to play ultimate this week, but i still think it's the best social game to play :)

- - - - -

and i'm very tired/sleepy. doing training in the city the rest of the week - will get a free taxi ride between my normal place of work and the training venue, but it does mean having to get up much earlier, and a brief return to ironed shirts.

now let's see if i can manage to have an early night...

Thursday, April 14, 2005


i remember learning in high school geography (i think... or was it science??) about constructive and destructive waves. i think the constructivity principle has been at work in my life - timing wise, i'm still dealing with the ebb of one wave and being reminded of the memory of another from about this time a year ago.

makes for a big wave.

- - - - -

speaking of anniversary-like matters, looks like i'll be doing another singapore in september trip... both my sisters are having wedding-related events within one week of each other over there (one being the actual wedding and reception, and the other being the overseas reception following an earlier local wedding). don't know about my chances of getting leave in peak period, but i guess you never know if you never ask!

and speaking of weddings (as in, my attendance at...), #2 for 2005 is happening in 9 days' time.

Monday, April 11, 2005

surreptitious sightings

so prince J and i were sitting at a local mc cafe last week, and out of left field comes 3 people wearing japanese-looking attire and each carrying a platter of sushi. they stroll straight through the outside seating area of maccas, and then alternate between standing around and shuffling on in the carpark just outside. a few minutes later one of the mc workers comes out (presumably assigned the task of) looking for them, but they had vacated the premises. a few more minutes and they were back, this time venturing to the outer periphery of the carpark and hanging about at the entrance. at first we couldn't figure out what they were doing, but it looked all the world like they were _giving away_ free sushi. here's a deal going down... would have been a better pic if i got the golden arches into frame (there was one just off to the right), but i only felt bold enough to sneak one shot in, and from a distance (hence the blurriness) :p

and no i wasn't bold enough to go claim some ;) although... it makes me hungry just thinking about it... i think i can accommodate a bit of sushi any time of day :)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

topics more worthy of consideration

luke 9:23...
to deny myself
and daily take up my cross
following Jesus
a change from the typical drivel of late, perhaps :)

Sunday, April 03, 2005

revised count

an update to the list:
  • 1x engagement from... 2 days ago?
  • 1x wedding about 3 weeks ago
  • 1x wedding in june
  • 1x wedding i don't know when... this year/soon!
  • 1x wedding supposedly happening later this year
  • 1x engagement/wedding possibly happening later this year
  • 2x newish relationships starting in the last few months
  • and even a recent breakup is (i think?!) on the mend
anyone else want to put their hand up? ahhh... what can you do but smile a wistful smile. better than being consumed by it all, perhaps!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

spending my time...

seems a bit of a waste... spending my time... creating original poetry... when others have come before and put similar thoughts to song :p (yes i have now managed to get around to watching (though it was 99.5% just listening to) my roxette complete collection dvd)

ahh... the memories of 80's and 90's ballads... heh.

speaking of old songs, there's one that talks about washing a person out of one's hair. just wondering (in a "the thought has just suddenly popped into my head" kind of way) whether a haircut would suffice? it's relevant because i had one this morning. but it's also a moot question i suppose, since i'll need to wash it soon enough anyways!

ok enough procrastinating, should get back to the housework. way to spend a sunny saturday afternoon... but i really need to be waking up from this dream now.

Friday, April 01, 2005

reflections on...

... romans 14 (v23):
if you want something
even though you know it's wrong
is that what's called sin?

... ecclesiastes:

i'm sitting with a group of people, who happen to be looking at and thinking about the message of ecclesiastes. one of the big points to come out is that life is meaningless; that there's no point in trying to be wise because in the end you die the same as the fool next to you.

i'm sitting in the house where she lives. we haven't really talked, and things have changed since we once did. one of the big thoughts to strike me is that there's no point in trying to be wise because in the end, the (in my opinion) unwise gets the fish, and the (trying to be) wise comes home empty handed.

how is it that one can do away with wisdom and appear to succeed, yet another try to follow wisdom and appear to fail?

yes i know that the catch of the unwise is really not, and that though the wise be catchless the results aren't the only things that count. but sometimes the gap between head and heart rivals the grand canyon.

good thing that the preacher concludes that there *is* something that takes us beyond the meaningless, and that differentiates between the good and the bad. wisdom is not futile.

... my recent posts:

FOM (one of the very select few i know who actually read these entries :p) commented that my recent posts all seem very sighworthy in an "it's all too hard" kind of sense. i guess it can seem that way, but that's mostly because you won't hear a squeak when a wheel is well-oiled and running smoothly ;) i'm still alive and breathing. and struggling at times... *shrugs*