Monday, April 18, 2005

sore forgetful

i started a poem, but can only remember the first few lines... not that it was anywhere near completion, but i'm feeling rather forgetful

a house -
an empty house.
many rooms -
unoccupied, unutilised.

actually i have no idea where i was going to go after these few lines anyway. all i was doing was thinking upon being reminded that my current housesitting stint is fast drawing to a close. and though i had plans and visions of having people over to socialise, cook, eat etc, that never really eventuated. so it feels like a bit of a loss/waste. so yeah, four lines is about as far as i went!

- - - - -

i'm also feeling rather sore. have been playing a bit of sport the past few sundays without too much ill effect, so i'm not sure whether it was the attempt at a little footrace this week (which i lost! but i was up against younger opponents, so this is one rare occasion where it's advantageous for me to claim age concessions :p) or the extra running around i did on saturday, which is contributing to my aches. didn't get to play ultimate this week, but i still think it's the best social game to play :)

- - - - -

and i'm very tired/sleepy. doing training in the city the rest of the week - will get a free taxi ride between my normal place of work and the training venue, but it does mean having to get up much earlier, and a brief return to ironed shirts.

now let's see if i can manage to have an early night...

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