Saturday, April 02, 2005

spending my time...

seems a bit of a waste... spending my time... creating original poetry... when others have come before and put similar thoughts to song :p (yes i have now managed to get around to watching (though it was 99.5% just listening to) my roxette complete collection dvd)

ahh... the memories of 80's and 90's ballads... heh.

speaking of old songs, there's one that talks about washing a person out of one's hair. just wondering (in a "the thought has just suddenly popped into my head" kind of way) whether a haircut would suffice? it's relevant because i had one this morning. but it's also a moot question i suppose, since i'll need to wash it soon enough anyways!

ok enough procrastinating, should get back to the housework. way to spend a sunny saturday afternoon... but i really need to be waking up from this dream now.

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