Thursday, April 14, 2005


i remember learning in high school geography (i think... or was it science??) about constructive and destructive waves. i think the constructivity principle has been at work in my life - timing wise, i'm still dealing with the ebb of one wave and being reminded of the memory of another from about this time a year ago.

makes for a big wave.

- - - - -

speaking of anniversary-like matters, looks like i'll be doing another singapore in september trip... both my sisters are having wedding-related events within one week of each other over there (one being the actual wedding and reception, and the other being the overseas reception following an earlier local wedding). don't know about my chances of getting leave in peak period, but i guess you never know if you never ask!

and speaking of weddings (as in, my attendance at...), #2 for 2005 is happening in 9 days' time.

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