Monday, May 31, 2004

that took a bit too long...

finally, after more than two months, my sara groves CD has arrived! not very good service i must say... the 2 attempts i made at contacting the supplier during this extended wait resulted in one black hole and one autoresponder. i guess i should be happy that at least the goods did arrive... forgot to check whether it's actually autographed, cos the item i ordered is supposed to be. hmm... but it's in the car, and i can't be bothered going to check... and it feels like it's been sooooo long since i last blogged from home!

Friday, May 28, 2004

you know your imagination is running too wild when...

you've just finished watching the day after tomorrow (which, on one level, is all about extreme weather conditions), step outside into the carpark, notice the somewhat unusually cool and windy evening, and your mind goes "uh-oh..." !!

i very much want to get some photoblogging happening, but don't have time to look into it yet :(

well, two months on, i've ended up with a second hand nomad jukebox 3 for recording purposes - no more (until the Hi-MD stuff finally gets released) realtime transfers from an MD to the PC! and with firewire to boot :) well, that's the aim of the whole exercise anyway... yet to really field test.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


i had no idea where we were going - she wouldn't say. even when she started looking in the refidex to make sure she knows where to turn etc. i gleaned that it was somewhere down the coast. that narrows it down a lot... not!

i was required to dress 'up' (my usual workwear of tee/polo, jeans and sneakers weren't going to cut it! :p), and even when we were less than 5 minutes away i was still clueless as to our destination. actually, even when we did arrive, i still wasn't sure what lay ahead... we were late, which made for a little bit of tension, but got there without too much drama. she brought me to dracula's for a night of food and entertainment. it was also an opportunity to see the sort of thing that some of the students of the creative industries might produce/be involved in, ie a glimpse into / taste of her (academic) world...

quite an interesting night... certainly an atypical experience for me. surprise indeed :)

Monday, May 24, 2004

of heroes and wise men

maybe i'm too bloodthirsty(?!), but there wasn't enough fighting sequences in troy. still, nice enough celluloid eye candy i suppose.

speaking of greek mythology and the like, came across this site, winged sandals, described as "a very stylish Flash-based introduction to Greek mythology, courtesy of the University of Melbourne Centre for Classics and Archaeology and ABC online." looks quite well done, and i'm sure to be back when i need an amusing diversion :)

funnily enough it was on the associates section of the CASE site where i made the discovery. lots of reading goodness at CASE... the stuff to make the old mental cogs click and turn with effort.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

so much for that idea!

1. re: previous post.
might be an idea if i ever got on the blog once in a while these days! but i feel quite AWOL-ish.

2. playing with the cap on my highlighter, snapping in on and off while on the phone to a customer.
2 minutes later i look down on my desk and notice this damp looking pink thing. for a moment there i thought it was a bit of chalk that had been soaked or something, and was wondering how the heck did something like that get there?! then it dawned on me that i'd snapped the tip off my highlighter...

and someone's taken off with my small pad of post-it notes! how rude...

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


blogger has changed! ehh... and there are comments, but i can't get it to work :( not that anyone ever really comments, but it's the principle of the thing ;) oh well... guess i'll stick to enetation for now, and play with this later... might go the whole hog and change layout too!

Friday, May 07, 2004

alright, anime!

'miyazaki showcase' plus 'takahata and other classics', coming soon to a capital city near you :) click here for details.

- - - - -

saw kill bill vol. 2 a few nights ago - not enough fighting! :p will be waiting for the DVDs to be released :)

speaking of DVDs, my copy of the collectors edition of the hire arrived in the post this week too. haven't had a chance to watch it though... have seen them all in WMP format but would be nice to see and hear through the DVD/stereo :)

ooh look at that, it's time to go home... time to make like a tree and leave!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Tuesday, May 04, 2004


there's a lump in my throat as i consider my response when my supervisor asks me if i'm alright. do i wear my heart on my sleeve? is it that obvious? i can shrug it off, put on a smile and say yeah i'm fine. but i'm not. why does thinking about it make me want to cry again? twice in one day? surely this has never happened before??

i'm really not a person who cries easily. not that i never shed tears, but sometimes i think i am lacking something emotionally - i have at times wanted to cry or felt like crying, yet found no tears forthcoming.

so, does the fact that i *did* cry about/over something, imply that the something is rather significant? there's probably irony too, in that it happened in front of a relative stranger... (relative because you could say we've only known each other for about a week, yet in other ways our friendship feels deeper than others that are years older.)

i don't know. i think that's all i can say with any certainty.
i don't know. too many questions remain. questions which may never be answered.
i don't know. maybe they don't need to be answered.

i don't know.