Tuesday, March 16, 2004

mish mash

i have a headache. neck is also slightly sore. i'm still yawning.

had to spend most of this morning sitting with a colleague to learn her job, and document it. the stack of scrap paper i brought to take notes on remain blank. got a better understanding of what she does, but also fixed up her PC - installed the corporate virus scanner, got rid of some gator corp crap, installed google toolbar for the ad/popup-blocking feature, found it couldn't be activated cos the version of IE was too low, so had a long detour to windows update for patches and updates. and now it's lunch time :)

will i still be here next month? haven't heard anything yet.

first star wars goes ascii, and now the matrix. it's a different style of animation, and harder to make out... i only went as far as the few excerpts. takes me back to the days of telnet and finger and ascii art in people's .project files... (hmm... i think i'm showing my age a little here!)

started looking into "uploading recorders", in anticipation of my MD recorder's eventual demise (started experiencing minor problems with it last year) and the possible need/opportunity to do a fair bit more recording (and turning them into audio CDs and MP3 tracks). then i read about the upcoming Hi-MD units, which look to fit my requirements fairly well... should be interesting.

also been on the search for more blogs... a few of the ones i used to read have been abandoned, so i'm back at RBJ to see what's new in town. ahh... lunchtime reading :)

music::(samples from) innermost being - deb fung

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