Sunday, October 31, 2004


i'm in the middle of applying for jobs, and lost motivation... seeing as it's been a while since i posted any photos, the perfect procrastination excuse found me ;)

these are (the start of) some overdue pics from when i was in singapore almost a month ago... this particular set being from saturday 25 sep, when i attended a "mid-autumn festival" celebration held by the mt gerizim bible presbyterian church.

the chua chu kang bible centre building, which is actually home to 3 (or is it more?) churches. not quite sure how this works - this kind of setup is certainly unlike churches (and their buildings) that i'm accustomed to in australia.

the event began with a buffet - i had my share of the food early because i became one of the helpers (who had to eat early, before the guests proper arrived), even though it was my first time stepping foot into the place, and still being somewhat jet lagged and majorly sleep deprived after my overnight flight.

other items on the evening's agenda included things such as solving chinese riddles, a short talk by the church's pastor, some singing, song presentations, and this play (based on the prodigal son parable). notice the rear projection "screen", displaying background pics in time with the action on stage (which was actually all mimed to pre-recorded dialogue).

anyways, i was pretty pooped at the end of all that... which about wraps up day 1.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

so funny i forgot to laugh

i've just been shown a document that refers to my position in terms of being a manager. i suppose it's not a bad climb given that i started out a year ago as an assistant. funny thing is, my salary hasn't changed one single cent... and here they talk about rewarding those who prove themselves... pfft.

there's a variant of uno i sometimes play, where you can play a 'reverse' card on things like draw two's and draw four's. ie. the person before you may be dealing you a blow with a draw, but you can reverse it on them if you have the right card. i wished i had the right card... this would be such a sweet time to play it! (or am i just being too vengeful??)

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

what gives me happiness...

a night out with friends... 1 to go try street-o and have good conversation time, and after that with 2 others (+ one of their friends) for a few games of pool and some laughs.

now i'm ready for a nice sleep, and probably sore legs tomorrow!

Monday, October 25, 2004

going public with a gripe

ooh, i'm famous!

well... maybe not quite :p

but you can read about my story on the latest Top 10 gripes listing. (not sure how long the URL stays valid though).

ok back to finishing some work so i can go sleep!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

24 take 4

ok forget the mountain lion business, get the real scoop on 24 at Ryan's Report. don't want to read *too* much cos it'll be a while yet (hopefully) before anything from season 4 screens here...

patience, young grasshopper.

ps. saw zatoichi. quite liked it. would watch it again for the tap dancing/rhythm bits :p

Monday, October 18, 2004












世界改變 你也改變 我在海角天邊



愛是雨點 落在昨天 永不放晴的纏綿

Friday, October 15, 2004

Rush River Cinema

gee i wished i found out about the Rush River Cinema a bit earlier, then i might have gone to see the last samurai... :/

oh well. off to see another samurai flick tomorrow... zatoichi!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Heroic Forums

bleh... been spending too much time browsing the Heroic Cinema Forum Pages ever since i found that H-C had started forums. i even started my own thread... well, sort of... hehe. but oh i haven't gotten anything done tonight! (except going to watch AvP :p)

bleh... but at least i found out that the 8th japanese film festival (see pdf flyer) is coming soon :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

CTP Premium Calculator

october is a big month of expenses... car rego and insurance are due then. just about to pay my rego and thought i'd take a quick squizz on google to see if my current CTP insurer is giving me a good price before i fork over my money, and came across this handy little page: CTP Premium Calculator

if you get there fast enough you might spot a typo in the "title" of that page... let's see how quickly their web monkeys respond to my email :)

incidentally, yes my current insurer is giving me the best price. not that there's much variance in the offerings... oh well good to know nevertheless!