Sunday, November 30, 2003

greener grass

FOM got a new canon digital camera (the powershot A80), and was mucking around with it thursday night when some of the prep for shteppi's 21st was happening. i like it better than mine! except that it's a bit bulkier... but certainly fuller featured. anyways, took some photos these past few days (shteppi's 21st, ivanson's baptism, YF thanksgiving night) and have posted them here.

work's been better with my supervisor back in the picture sharing the load :)

both my sisters have taken off for holidays, so the house will be rather emptier these next few weeks. as for me... no enough moolah + no enough leave = staying put in brissie this summer...

Friday, November 21, 2003

the fat lady

has sung.

the winner is patlabor

after spending some time trawling through the atlanticdvd site, i've finally decided to use my $10 credit towards the patlabor movie 3 special edition dvd. my first anime dvd :)

3 more hours to go. 3 more hours of me running the show. i'll be glad to hand it all back next week!

my phone's beeping at me. will it die before i reach home (and a charger)? oh what trivial things occupy my thoughts...

i want weekend. no actually i just want to hit pause for a while and do nothing. now where's that remote control?

Monday, November 17, 2003

i dream of simple things...

I dream of simple things
I can believe in
Like the feeling this day brings
True love and the miracle of forgiving
I believe in simple things

everytime i hear this song on the radio it takes me a while to realise it's an amy grant number.

every now and then i glance down at my feet (when i'm shoe- and sock- less) and i'm momentarily confused by the colourful toenails i see - then i realise that they belong to me! heh, i suppose the novelty will wear off soon...

every once in a while you experience a "hey, cool!" feeling upon finding a fellow christian among your colleagues.

every so often i watch a movie more than once. "my sassy girl" was better the first time around, but it did give me some food for thought. not real sure it was the best choice of diet in my current state though...

every once in a blue moon i wander in my wonder, and feel like i'm going round and round in circles. i find myself back in the haze of nebulosity, and i dream of simple things...

Saturday, November 15, 2003

hanging with the girls

a bit of an interesting and unplanned kinda day...

started off with a early (for a saturday) kickoff. woke up late(r than i was supposed to) again, so only managed a few bites of breakfast before the my first appointment of the day - an 8am meeting with terry strong. he came over to follow up my dad and i, as we both recently became members of mannatech, thus entering the business aspect of the glyconutritional market.

that took a bit longer than i expected, so after it finished i only had time to brush my teeth and gather a few things before rushing out the door for a dental appointment. apparently i need to floss, esp between my upper front teeth :| my lower left wisdom tooth is still missing, so my upper left will need removing at some stage, either when it hits my gums or it starts growing out :(

and so, with the planned part of the day over, i dropped in to fatty's place on my way back from the dentist to return her adsl modem and continue troubleshooting their connection problems. managed to get things working, and ended up staying the rest of the afternoon, where i...
  • got my toenails painted by val
  • tried out some sandpaper hair shaver dooby (it really works!)
  • assisted in some hairdressing as a bunch of girls prepared for a ball later that night (this was mostly holding / passing hairspray, and holding bits of hair!)
  • saw and learned first hand how/why getting ready can take so long!
ahh the insights into the world and ways of women ;) (how little do i know!)

- - - - -

i've also put up some photos from last week's noosa outing.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003


can't think of anything imaginative, creative, or even functionally descriptive for a title. i give up.

another friend recently announced her engagement and upcoming wedding. meanwhile i've recently been doing some (longish/hardish) thinking about my bgr. too early to say more, maybe. will be seeing her tonight. big long chat methinks... hopefully a useful/constructive/productive one :/

can't remember when/how i got on their mailing list, but after pointing out a privacy breach with atlantic dvd's latest newsletter, i've been given a $10 discount on my next purchase. no idea what to get, if i use it - too much on offer and nothing really standoutish. anyone want to save $10 on a dvd?

i like how survivor has evolved, and that the game has introduced new twists and surprises (eg the looting element, temporary tribe member swap, and now the outcasts tribe). then again, 7 series of the same thing would probably get rather predictable and boring. can't help but read ahead on the US website before the episode airs on australian tv though! but the way they've edited this series' shows feels different to some of the earlier series, which i thought gave a lot more airtime to the physical survival aspect of the contestants' time in the game. oh well, back to meeting my physical survival needs (aka lunch!).

Friday, November 07, 2003


(brings back scary memories of the rather un-funny attempt at a movie that was zoolander :| )

yes it's friday and another working week is over. i don't think i've felt so busy for a while... seems most other people are busy / snowed under / occasionally showing glimpses of stress cracks too. two more weeks of me being alone, i think i mostly prefer it when i'm not. except when the company's not really wanted, but i digress...

work hard, play hard, so they say. busy / fairly packed weekend coming up too... starting in about an hour's time :o where will i find the time to catch up on sleep? guess that'll have to wait till next week... *yawn* i don't think this is good.

gracenotworks is back in action - go check it out! i didn't realise one of the guys responsible for it is a brisbanite!

meanwhile, i can't be sitting here too much longer... *yawn* again... hmm...

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

stock (re)take

how hard can it be to keep a proper count of stock? mustn't be as easy as it might sound, or else some people aren't trying very hard / aren't following procedures very well.

but enough about work. meet gromit!

handling paper as a major part of my work has given me a few paper cuts... *furrows brows*