Monday, November 17, 2003

i dream of simple things...

I dream of simple things
I can believe in
Like the feeling this day brings
True love and the miracle of forgiving
I believe in simple things

everytime i hear this song on the radio it takes me a while to realise it's an amy grant number.

every now and then i glance down at my feet (when i'm shoe- and sock- less) and i'm momentarily confused by the colourful toenails i see - then i realise that they belong to me! heh, i suppose the novelty will wear off soon...

every once in a while you experience a "hey, cool!" feeling upon finding a fellow christian among your colleagues.

every so often i watch a movie more than once. "my sassy girl" was better the first time around, but it did give me some food for thought. not real sure it was the best choice of diet in my current state though...

every once in a blue moon i wander in my wonder, and feel like i'm going round and round in circles. i find myself back in the haze of nebulosity, and i dream of simple things...

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