Friday, September 30, 2005

getting a move on?

halfway through reading the rebuttal/defence to the original article, i'm struck by a comment about proverbs 18:22 -- is the "find" really meant to be read in an active sense? a dictionary and concordance check later, and i remain skeptical about this being the definitive reading. i certainly don't dispute the fact that the guy has a responsibility to pursue, i'm just not sure that this is what this verse is saying/advocating, in the same sense that the author is using it.

the other thing that struck me was the next paragraph advising women to not advertise/glorify their single years, for the reason that it gives guys reason to leave them alone. food for thought, and i'm actually quite ambivalent (in the technically correct sense of the word :p) about that statement.

in any case, the article raises some important issues about the cost of delaying marriage... issues worth another look. i think i'd class myself as generally pro-young marriage (assuming spouse-selection principles like those of 1 cor 7:39), so to all those who are/have gotten married at a "relatively" young age, God's grace to you :) and to all those who aren't like Paul, but are yet to leave behind the season of singlehood... gambatte yo!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

big day out

no sleeping in today - it was up at 7:30am, head out ~8am to paddington flowers and cafe for a breakfast with the SWANS crew. the claimed "city views" weren't that great, so i don't feel we missed out on too much with our indoor seats. after a bit of a feast (their big breakfast was of filling proportions), general laments about the loss of childhood in today's society, playing spot the politician look-a-like and trying to scare i mean warn yannie with stories of pickpockets and assorted scammers she might encounter in her upcoming trip, we parted ways and i caught a lift with the hebrew judge to join the chews in their brisbane pit stop + brunch do. more food (this time consumed at a slower pace) and conversations. 'twas good to see some people i haven't seen/talked to in a while (i still feel like i've been out of it for ages with my recent block of being away), but also a reminder of the distance that continues elsewhere. after giving yung some impromptu mando tutoring, and loitering around until the last remnants of the guests, i left with the nenes and hung out with them for the rest of the afternoon (lol... that was an unintentional pun, but only appreciable if you know the real people :p) to run a few errands before coming back to my place for a sit down and wander around the backyard. watched GITS-SAC over dinner and i understood it! unlike the first episode which i had to rewind and watch a second time, and am still a bit hazy about... anyways the website has been redesigned since i last visited, and there's a funky backing track to which my leg is shaking along as i type... but i'll probably get sick of it very quickly and in any case my net connection has been patchy all night so i think i'll get off now.

Friday, September 23, 2005

the bible, abridged version

at BSL tonight shte2 mentioned the recent launch of the "100 minute bible". in a moment of diversion, we came up with our own abridgment attempts...
  • the bible in 5 seconds, aka elaine marie benes version:
    God creates heaven and earth, yada yada yada, God creates new heaven and new earth...

  • the bible in sounds:
    yay... awww.... YAY!!!

  • the bible in MSN emoticons (variance of the above):
    :) :( :D

  • the bible in 5 letters:
well, frivolity aside, my real reactions are echoed by the words already published by the good folk at CHN. that plus being reminded that if i really believed the worth of God's words, i'd read it more... seems to be one of those things i'm always striving to maintain and improve. anyways it was good to get back into BSL meetings cos i've been away from it for over a month.

speaking of studying, i got my test results back today. initially put off opening the envelope cos i didn't want to risk being disappointed after a flustering end to my working week. when i did open it, i was stunned...

in a good way, so yay :)

God (and the examiner!) is gracious.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


well, given my pitiful score from yesterday, i don't think geek girls are an option! it's funny reading though, hehe.

but i should really sleep... and initial plans for an early(/ier) night are a distant memory...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

plain old middle-of-the-road

I am nerdier than 50% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

i didn't think i'd score that low... :|

i hope i do better in tests that count :p tonight shte1 asked me again whether i've got my ITB results back, and i haven't. i'm hoping to score somewhere above 50... as long as it's a pass, i'll be happy (though i'm sure i'd be happier if it's more than a pass, but let's be realistic here...)

anyways, i'm pretty sure that she beat me... not that it's a competition :) i'm pretty sure she's also my first official passenger, and the first to sit on my new car seat covers, which were freshly installed this afternoon. the astra upholstery has too strong an affinity to fluff, so i decided that maintenance/cleaning wise it's easier to cover at least the front seats. i ummed and ahhed at supercheap auto for a good while, before finally settling on a silver dragon design, which looks very similar (except for the headrest part) to this. then i spent probably the best part of an hour putting them on! and that despite my relatively small/thin hands/digits, because the fastening of the straps required a lot of reaching and poking under the seats, and there's really not a lot of room down there, not to mention the fact that cars aren't really designed for people to be trying to peer under the front seats and reach in and do stuff in that small space... i just hope i won't need to remove/reinstall them in a hurry.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

good timing and other coincidences

have encountered some comments spam in the past, and yesterday got one mere minutes after posting my most recent entry. so i've been wondering what can be done about it... and today i happened across another blog with word verification, which i found out is now offered by blogger and so i've turned it on quick smart. now i can get back to seeing my comments counters stay at zero :p

in other "small world" news, i was viewing jan's photos of her recent trip to brissie, and discovered a pair of faces i recognised! this couple are friends of a friend, and i had accompanied said friend to visit them in toowoomba last year. turns out that the wife is jan's sister-in-law! whoaness...

oh and i could well have missed this if not for a timely check of /karen/, and also being advised of it by ecnerwal, but ghost in the shell - stand alone complex starts tonight. i think i'm going to be thoroughly lost watching it, but what the hey... i decided to drop grey's anatomy from my diet earlier this week to make room for survivor: guatemala, and will give GITS-SAC a spin while i'm picking up new shows :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

relevant humour

yes it's still peak. no i don't like it (and there's nothing like having just taken a holiday to make the daily facing up to the busyness of work that much less joyous). this comic from a mass forward at least raised a timely chuckle...

having said that, i haven't actually purchased any petrol since late june! and that was still back in the day of being below $1.05 a litre. imagine that...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

many thoughts, few words

there's a quote which says: The prolongated application of a polysyllabic vocabulary infallibly exercises a deleterious influence on the fecundity of expression, rendering the ultimate tendency apocryphal.

ie. If you use too many long words, nobody will understand what you are talking about!

it doesn't fully relate to anything in particular, but i've been searching for an excuse to use it, and right now there are too many thoughts in my head for the limited words i feel i have which which to express them, so that's enough of a tenuous link for this time of the night :p

anyhow, i'm back. no more travelling in sight... i'm supposed to be back at work in about 9 hours, and i wished i didn't have to. can't my holiday last a little bit longer?



Thursday, September 01, 2005

echo sighting

it's been almost a month since i sold my echo. today i saw it in the carpark of a local shopping centre - although i haven't really missed my echo (or even having a car at all) i was a little dismayed to see that the rear bumper has had a noticeable encounter with a hard object of some description...

anyways, while running around a few weeks ago trying to sort out selling this car, i realised that in all my almost 6 years of ownership, i have almost no photos of my car! so, armed with my digital camera, i took a few snaps for posterity (and to include in my for sale ads).

today is also the first day that i've driven my "new" car. it's not the first time i've driven it of course, and i still remember accompanying my sister some 2+ years back when she first bought it. but now that she's moved overseas, i've been the beneficiary of an echo-for-astra upgrade. when i got home from my interstate trip last weekend, i came in the front door and went into the garage to deposit my shoes, and then it hit me: the car in front of me is now mine... all mine! no time to enjoy it yet... that will have to wait until after singapore.

speaking of cars and driving, i emailed some friends in search of a lift to the airport for tomorrow, and for some reason prose turned to poetry... and since that doesn't happen all that happen i figured i may as well post my little effort :p
hello you, with (access to) a car
and who from me reside not too far:
i'm needing a lift to the airport
can you assist and lend your support?
friday 9-ish i need to depart
thanks in advance with all of my heart;
please let me know as soon as you can
answer "yes" and i'm your biggest fan!
and now... to the business of packing.