Friday, September 23, 2005

the bible, abridged version

at BSL tonight shte2 mentioned the recent launch of the "100 minute bible". in a moment of diversion, we came up with our own abridgment attempts...
  • the bible in 5 seconds, aka elaine marie benes version:
    God creates heaven and earth, yada yada yada, God creates new heaven and new earth...

  • the bible in sounds:
    yay... awww.... YAY!!!

  • the bible in MSN emoticons (variance of the above):
    :) :( :D

  • the bible in 5 letters:
well, frivolity aside, my real reactions are echoed by the words already published by the good folk at CHN. that plus being reminded that if i really believed the worth of God's words, i'd read it more... seems to be one of those things i'm always striving to maintain and improve. anyways it was good to get back into BSL meetings cos i've been away from it for over a month.

speaking of studying, i got my test results back today. initially put off opening the envelope cos i didn't want to risk being disappointed after a flustering end to my working week. when i did open it, i was stunned...

in a good way, so yay :)

God (and the examiner!) is gracious.

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