Friday, September 30, 2005

getting a move on?

halfway through reading the rebuttal/defence to the original article, i'm struck by a comment about proverbs 18:22 -- is the "find" really meant to be read in an active sense? a dictionary and concordance check later, and i remain skeptical about this being the definitive reading. i certainly don't dispute the fact that the guy has a responsibility to pursue, i'm just not sure that this is what this verse is saying/advocating, in the same sense that the author is using it.

the other thing that struck me was the next paragraph advising women to not advertise/glorify their single years, for the reason that it gives guys reason to leave them alone. food for thought, and i'm actually quite ambivalent (in the technically correct sense of the word :p) about that statement.

in any case, the article raises some important issues about the cost of delaying marriage... issues worth another look. i think i'd class myself as generally pro-young marriage (assuming spouse-selection principles like those of 1 cor 7:39), so to all those who are/have gotten married at a "relatively" young age, God's grace to you :) and to all those who aren't like Paul, but are yet to leave behind the season of singlehood... gambatte yo!

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  1. hmm this kinda puts girls in a tough spot eh? on one hand, if we are too eager abt marriage, it scares off men fearful of commitment. it also isnt right to be discontent in the phase of singleness cos it is God's will for her at that pt. on the other hand, enjoying singleness cld (according to that article) be a throwoff factor too?

    :) well, personally i think godly guys shd value the girl striving to be content wherever she is. its alot harder to be happy, independent in singleness, surrendered to God abt it than it is to be worried & longing for sth (marriage) that is not yet to be. most girls i know want to be married. but the godly girl doesnt want to make an idol out of it either. the ongoing struggle... :)