Sunday, September 11, 2011

Santos City of Lights and other light displays

i wished my camera battery didn't die on my half way through the show, nevertheless i managed to capture a few minutes of the city of lights display:

"The first laser light show of its kind in Australia... Santos City of Lights will fill the space between Kurilpa and Goodwill Bridges with a nightly choreographed spectacle of lasers and lights that can be seen across the city", happening 3-24 September 2011 in Brisbane as part of the Brisbane Festival.

i also tried to capture some stills:
more info at

also at southbank during the festival are things like the light sphere

and the liquid interactive light scope, of which i don't have a nice picture... but here's one i took while queueing for the light scope - it's some art piece which looks to be lost of bits of paper or other light material, attached to a net/mesh structure, which all go a-flutter in the wind: