Friday, October 31, 2003


that's better....
  1. 7.5 weeks since my last haircut. i think that's been the longest for quite a while. hard to find time now that i'm working, and most saturdays have been busy too, so went for the lunch hour dash. oh for the days of free home hair cuts - though without the professionalism :p
  2. 2 down, 15 to go, and i'm done for the day. so far i don't think i'd like to be on my own doing this, so will be glad when it's over. meanwhile the monthly stocktakes are happening next monday - now that should be interesting... *gulp*

daily double::wed 29 oct
1. What is the scariest movie you've ever seen?
probably hellraiser (not sure what number). saw it in late primary/early high school, probably won't find it anywhere near as scary now, but my friend (at whose house i was watching the video) saw me so engrossed on the screen that he sneaked up behind me and went BOO! to which i literally jumped... hehe...
2. Have you ever encountered a celebrity?
unexpectedly saw 'ah niu' (singer from malaysia) at the halo cafe in KL a few years back, and had a photo taken with him and the other guys he was performing with.

Thursday, October 30, 2003


for the next 17 working days, i'm running the show - supervisor's gone on leave... bring it on! (or not... :p)

Friday, October 24, 2003


keeping the ball alive
previously i thought that i, as a pretty clueless participant of this competition, numbered in the majority. now that nike have decided to give some hints as to how to find the codes, i can safely number myself in the subsequently even larger majority of participants who now (assuming they didn't already) know what they're doing... does that help or hurt my chances of winning something?!

keeping banking interesting
might not win anything out of this, but could earn more money via better interest... happened across citibank's site, and noticed that their online cash manager account is currently paying 5.00% p.a. interest (as of 20/08/03). that's 0.25% p.a. more than ING direct's savings maximiser (which i'm using), which hasn't budged from 4.75% p.a. since 07/06/02! but i suppose that's better than dragondirect's directsaver which *was* keeping pace with ING until it went down to 4.60% p.a. on 30/07/03... furthermore, citibank's account looks to have a few more features, like access via EFTPOS, ATM, BPay, direct debit etc, which could be useful for some. hmm... on second thought, i reckon it's almost good enough for me to use as my primary transation account! especially given that my current account has account keeping fees tied to minimum balances, and a whopping interest rate of 0.01% p.a. note to self: definitely worthy of further investigaton.

metway vs. my way
the same institution that takes care(??) of my general transactional money also handles my car insurance. i went with them for the sole reason that they gave me rating 1 from the get-go. now that i'm eligible for rating 1 for life with many other insurance agencies, i've discovered that i can save money by leaving my current insurer of 4 years. as my new insurer's slogan goes, lucky.... i'm now with AAMI!

back to the beginning
the reason why i was looking at citibank's site in the first place is... i applied online for the car insurance, and was about to pay for it with my debit card. then i thought i'd do my sister a favour and ask her if she wanted to pay with her credit card so she can earn points (since her CC has a rewards program), and i'll reimburse her in cash. that started me thinking... maybe i should check this credit card thing out more, so i asked both my sisters about their credit cards, and found out that my younger sis (whose card i used) has a card with a rewards program, no membership fees, and 55 day interest free period - not often that you get the last two in tandem, as far as i'm aware. now the bonus is that it (the APESMA/CBA Affinity Card) seems to be something for which i also seem to be eligible. note to self: another thing definitely worthy of further investigaton. so anyways, my older sister asked me whether i was thinking of getting a CC what with asking all these questions, and says: have you checked out citibank?

quentin's best movie yet
today's jumping around in time and action has been brought to you via the inspiration of kill bill vol. 1, which by the way rocks! if you like that sort of thing, that is :) and i sure DO! and that best movie thing? well that's from the horse's mouth. ok so the inspiration linkage is a bit flimsy, i only thought of it a few minutes ago and it seemed to fit at the time :p

daily double::
1. When was the last time you have gotten sick?
how timely is this? i'm sick now! (ref. last few entries)
2. Do you own a digital camera?
sure do :) carry it with me almost everywhere, but don't always pull it out to use...

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

iron chefs in kitchen battle

sounds like a worthy newspaper article title? hehe... caught the second episode of the 'new' show on sbs last saturday. watching the iron chef (the version screened is mostly dubbed and subtitled) reminded me of typical wacky japanese tv. maybe because it is :p check out the unofficial but fairly comprehensive iron chef compendium.

still sick, feeling the worse for it, and with no drool-worthy restaurants to fantasise about this week...

Friday, October 17, 2003


is how i feel... because
  1. i signed up for nike's keep the ball alive competition thing, but now i have absolutely no idea what i'm supposed to do...
  2. mooks' world seems to be falling apart / caving in / some sort of seriously not good, and i have no idea how i can help :(
oh and i'm sick. not majorly (yet?), but nevertheless. bleh...

music::wow worship (yellow) cd2

Thursday, October 16, 2003


a potted review of dinner at the hairy lemon:
  • wording on the enhancer section of the menu is misleading, so i didn't have my seafood
  • had the chilli roast pork. the meat itself tasted ok, but the rest of the dish (pumpkin mash, mushrooms, vegetables) tasted weird. apple chips were interesting, but again strange to be eating savoury apple...
  • nene had the sirloin steak, but reckons it looked and tasted like pork. and the mushroom sauce was too alcoholic.
  • so for a place that markets itself as the "Brisbane's Finest Steak and Seafood Restaurant" (according to the website) and something along the lines of best function venue or similar (according to the signage on site/on the menu, can't remember exact wording), we both felt a bit robbed, at least expectation wise.
  • though quiet when we first arrived, the place was got fairly full later on. maybe they were understaffed and thus took too long to serve customers, but people from two tables close to us left without ordering anything - just upped and walked out.
  • though it looked like an interesting venue indeed, there wasn't really anything (beyond the cosmetic and aesthetic) that made it much different from any other restaurant.
  • ah well, we scored one free meal out of it, albeit not to our palettes' fancy...

after dinner saw us grab some dessert at the blue lotus a few doors down the road, where we bumped into mooks and my sister. they (the blue lotus) might be franchising into sunnybank! there's already a BK31 and cold rock in the area - so i suppose ice cream lovers will enjoy the extra choice and variety.

throat's dry and sore. i don't want to get sick... :|

music::wow worship (yellow) cd1

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


i'm tucking into my lunch (nice sandwish, thanks mum!)

i'm also thinking about what i'm going to have for dinner :) will be dining at the hairy lemon steak and seafood restaurant (picked out of the entertainment book) and catching up with nene, which we haven't done for too long. i'm not that big on steak (maybe partially because i don't eat it enough to be confident of what i'm ordering!) so i'm eyeing off either the chicken or the pork, plus a seafood enhancer. *yummm* (i hope :D)

oh, my morish nuts arrived monday, enriched with a $5 discount voucher for a future order. good nutty value (and smart marketing) :p

music::you've got music (word entertainment promotional CD)

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

*thump, thump, thump*

that's how my head was feeling yesterday. not sure why, but it was hurting. not majorly, but enough to be annoying. so i tired taking a nap after dinner, but don't think i slept deep enough for it to be of any benefit. later on when i was trying to sleep i couldn't fall asleep. hate how that happens...

feel better this morning, so that's good. got to work, and my PC decided to be rather anti-social and not play on the network. got the internal support folk to investigate and they couldn't find anything wrong. took my PC away for a while, so i ended up spending the time rearranging and adding stock to the shelves. later on he came back saying it worked fine in testing - plugged everything back in and it's working again. sometimes these "self-resolving" problems are the most annoying cos you're none the wiser as to why it played up in the first place :-/

the 7th japanese film festival is coming to brisbane, but i'm not sure if i'll go see anything... sometimes i wished i lived in sydney (cos they get more asia-pacific films, JFF being a case in point). can't make waterboys, saw spirited away last year at japanime, and initially baulked at twenty-four eyes (upon discovering it was in b&w, and made almost 50 years ago :p) - but after reading the synopsis i've reconsidered. now to find some company to go watch it with, and in time to book some tickets... ? hmm...

Friday, October 10, 2003

friday five

1. Do you watch sports? If so, which ones?
yes. mainly basketball (NBA, but i haven't watched for ages because it's no longer available on free-to-air tv) and cricket. sometimes tennis (preferably doubles, preferably mixed), rugby union (the world cup starts tonight), rugby league (only if it's a state of origin game). occasionally (only because it's so rare to find it on tv) volleyball (indoor and beach), snooker/pool, badminton, table tennis...
2. What/who are your favorite sports teams and/or favorite athletes?
hmm... pass... don't really follow sports with enough fanaticism to have favourites. though i guess michael jordan was beautiful to watch when in action.
3. Are there any sports you hate?
not really / can't think of any. but some sports which i have zero interest in: any equestrian stuff, motor racing...
4. Have you ever been to a sports event?
yup. saw part of a sheffield shield game (domestic cricket) ages ago, went to one or two bullets (local basketball) games way back, and watched a few basketball matches at the goodwill games a few years ago.
5. Do/did you play any sports (in school or other)? How long did you play?
never anything in structured competitions, but in junior high i spent most of my free time at school on the basketball courts. when i first came to australia my class mates in primary school introdued me to the game of cricket, so i played a bit of that too. also handball (not the european kind) was popular during my primary school days, and i had a brief fling with squash towards the end of primary school.


just went to the local shopping centre during my lunch break and bought some blank double cd cases for a little project i'm supposed to be working on but haven't done much about. there were packs of 5 for $2.50, which is cheaper than i'd seen anywhere else. just as i was about to leave, i see some being sold individually for 40c, also marked 5 for $1.50... :-/ but there were only 3 of them, not enough for what i needed. but why would individual ones be priced cheaper than bulk? it doesn't make sense.

while at the shops, noticed signs saying that the new extensions to the centre are due to open on monday! haven't been there for ages and didn't realise it was almost ready. must return for a closer look.

before i left, my colleague had a call from her daughter (which happens quite often), and after a brief chat about her daughter she asked me in passing whether i had any children. my reply was almost a reflex - no i'm not married. i guess i live in a world where i equate having children to being married; the one follows the other, not the other way round, and not independently of each other. i wondered whether i had inadvertently passed judgment on her as i've never heard her mention a husband, so i've no idea whether she is/was ever married...

still bored.


i'm bored. it's friday. i want the weekend to be here. hmm... no i think what i really want is some time to sleep and not work. a day or two will do... :)

not that work is that hard or stressful. in fact i kinda wished it were busier, so that i'd have stuff to do! but it's quite variable, and even though i'm getting paid so much less than my previous job, i still feel weird about sitting here with no work to do. fatty used me as a subject for a psych assignment last year, and that revealed some things about motivation linked to perceived worth. ie you're not as motivated to work if you feel you're underpaid (which is probably fair enough), but you're also less motivated if you feel you're overpaid. i don't think i'm feeling overpaid, i just think i'm being paid to do nothing. of course, i'd probably feel worse if i was getting paid a lot more to be doing the same kind of nothing... hehe...

i want the money; i want to be paid. but i want to work for it; to earn it by doing something of value.

work is a strange beast. got to mooks' place last night, and arrived in the middle of an unhappy post-dinner table conversation. unhappy for her, as she was in tears. so i parked myself on the sofa and waited. the tv was on fairly loud, but i didn't want to turn it down in case that came across as me wanting to listen in on the conversation between her and her parents. so i'm kinda glad that her brother came and talked to me - that boy's fairly on the ball :)

anyways, the conversation was about her work/workplace. long and ongoing story that one... where to start? don't know, won't try. and so we didn't end up doing any of our regular stuff, but instead sat around a bit, then went and applied some face masks (i'm smoooth... hehe), and then made some popcorn (trying out the new popcorn machine she got for her birthday) and ate them with golden syrup.

music::felicity (music from the hit television series)

Thursday, October 09, 2003

education gone crazy?

just got reminded of of something that came up when i was over at fatty's on monday night. she tutors these students, who also attend this extracurricular program called northshore(?) - something similar to kumon, from what i understand. anyway, the homework they get from northshore is pretty hard. fatty's role as a tutor is mostly to help them finish their homework, and so she wrote down a list of stuff she was going to bring to uni the next day to ask around. a few of these i knew off the top of my head, but some others were quite difficult. try this one on for size:

fnd an anagram of the above phrase, to give two words that are antonyms of each other.

now the kicker is that this is for a grade 6 primary school student... ??!! even i had no idea where to start... so in the end pulled out my revo (which, incidentally, has been behaving fairly well of late) for a bit more processing power. it helped in the anagram department, leaving me the antonym bit to figure out, which i did :)

ah well, back to work i go...

gripe, gripe, gripe... and some less gripey stuff

ADVISORY: long and rambly... (skip the first 6 paragraphs to avoid geeky ramblings :p)

was going to blog yesterday... started with a few words during the day, and was going to actually write something when i got home. but i didn't count on the trials and tribulations of PC ownership to rear its meddlesome head. ended up spending most of my evening trying to unbreak my onboard NIC. this whole thing actually started sometime ago, when my brother fried both sticks of RAM in his pc, and so i had to help troubleshoot. well, he only fried one - i'm pretty sure the second stick only started burning after i came on the scene, but that'd be because the socket on the motherboard was already fried... anyways so then he asked to use his HDD in my pc, so i reluctantly agreed on the condition that he not touch my hardware for any reason (he's damaged a few pieces of hardware - both his and ones jointly owned - by doing things that really shouldn't be done). so i figure the easiest solution would be to try and get some dual-booting thing happening, but that didn't work. in the process of trying to get his hdd to work on my pc, my setup which was working fine had a slight hiccup. my firewall app reset itself and i lost all my rules. URGH. that's the second time it's happened, for reasons i still don't understand, so i uninstalled that app in disgust. how silly is it to not be able to easily backup or export/import rulesets?

so then i downloaded a comparable product (long story about how the orginal parent company split in two and each 'child' continued development on the same base product but now independently growing etc - i was using one and thought i'd try the other). i'd actually briefly used the other one when i was setting up this current PC, cos i thought the first one had disappeared. it was slightly different and i refound the first so used that cos i was more familiar with it, plus the second one had problems with hibernating in xp. anyways i'm all geared up to give this other app a second go, so i installed it yesterday (now a later version from when i first tried it), and again problems with hibernation. stuff it i thought, not worth the hassle cos i love my hibernation! uninstall. but now my network is broken.... ??!!!

major ARGH!!! ok no lights on the network ports... let's try to suss things out methodically... check the router port with another pc and cable - yep all ok. check the cable using another pc - yep all good. so it's my pc... alright... double check that it's all enabled in bios (no reason this should have been affected, but just to be sure) and it's all good as far as i can see. next step windows... it says the connection is all enabled and that the LAN is connected, but still no lights. DHCP is not working cos the ip is wrong/invalid. so i try disabling and enabling, then rolling back the driver for the NIC, then uninstalling and reinstalling the device in xp. all no go. did everything the windows hardware troubleshooter suggested, not that i expected it to come up with any gems, and it didn't. even resorted to using system restore and that created a few more problems of its own so i had to do it a few times, but in the end even when i restored to a point when i knew that network was working it still didn't. grrrr...

so now it's getting late, and my router is flashing away with other siblings surfing the ADSL highway, and i'm sitting with a seemingly functioning NIC which just happens to not be working. it's like it's not turned on, yet the OS thinks it's A-OK. i'm almost ready to give up with disgust and frustration, and call it a night. i think i need the sleep anyway.

but, a thought strikes me about hibernation and how the NIC is setup to allow power management by the OS (ie winxp will shut down the NIC when it hibernates or goes into standby). what if... what if maybe when i had that other firewall installed and had those problems with hibernation, that stuffed something up? now, my pc had been shutdown, restarted and reset a good number of times this evening amongst all the installing, uninstalling and system restoring that's occurred to try to fix the NIC problem, but not once has it hibernated... hmm... ok let's give it a try. hibernation should be fine now cos i've system restored to a time prior to this present saga. hibernate. all good. restart and come out of hibernation... and let there be light(s on the NIC)! hooray! but i'm still not happy that it took so long to solve (the symptoms were just a bit too sketchy and misleading), nor that the problem happened in the first place.

but what can you do? learn from it what you can and move on...

speaking of moving on, change of topic - what i was going to write about in the first place. but the momentum has been lost... so i'm less motivated and inspired (not that it'd make for very motivating or inspiring reading anyway).

so, in brief... mooks seemed to do ok with her exam. we had dinner at the manor, a chinese restaurant nearby. we were going to go for the happy hour special, but found out that it needs a minimum of 4 people. so we had steamboat instead, which was pretty good but probably a bit on the expensive side. i'm still getting used to the concept of using two pairs of chopsticks when it comes to steamboating, so for the first 5 minutes was using the one pair for everything... not that it really bothers me, but i guess other people might find it odd. towards the end of dinner, a waiter came to pack up and remove the dishes. in the process he knocked over a bowl of dipping sauce, and spilled on mooks. she later complained that his first reaction was to say sorry, and wipe up the table... and then offer her napkins to wipe herself.

so we went back to my place where she borrowed a pair of my pants (which weren't going to go with her new shoes! =|) and left hers to soak in some stain remover, before we headed off to the movies.

pirates of the caribbean. keira knightley is rather pretty, hehe. johnny depp i felt had a interesting role, and played it well. overall a fairly light-weight but nevertheless entertaining movie with a few genuine laughs and chuckles along the way. plus it was free, cos mooks had free passes :)

a few things i didn't quite get though... [SPOILERS warning, stop reading now if this applies]
  1. was will's father also affected by the curse? he should have been, since he took part in the taking of the cursed treasure. so, that being the case, how could he die? ok maybe he didn't die and is still stuck at the bottom of the ocean somewhere, tied to a cannon...
  2. in the scene where jack finally shoots barbossa, barbossa falls and an apple rolls out of his had. does this mean he was holding an apple in his hand *all* this time?? ie while duelling with jack with the swords and all?? now i know that the apple had some meaning and significance to his character, but this seemed a bit too convenient.
  3. how come elizabeth's clothes dried so fast on their marooned island?? maybe she was wearing a different brand to when she fell into water the first time round... (okay so i didn't take that much notice of jack's clothes in either scene... but can you blame me?! :p)
  4. stupid monkey... i thought it had drowned already. but if it too can be cursed, does that mean it also paid its part by blood the first time round?
hmm... all these questions... hehe

music::ginny again

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

it's a rainy day...

and the office smokers are gathering outside my window for their deadly pleasures. usually (ie when it's not raining) they're further away from the building. is that carcinogens i detect seeping through the walls? :p

finally fixed up fatty's internet access problems last night. thanks to a friend mr google introduced, attempt #3 (or has it been more?) was successful in restoring normal functions. IT troubleshooting is so much fun! but it does provide a sense of accomplishment when the problem is solved :)

yesterday my supervisor asked about the cd i was playing. hooray ginny! on a (musically) related note, i've decided that i don't really like norah jones *that* much. ie. her stuff is really good for mood/background music, but none of the songs in particular really grab me...

mooks will be doing her pre-reg exam soon/later this afternoon... and we're going out for dinner and a movie afterwards to celebrate :D

Monday, October 06, 2003

it's official - i'm a nutter!

it wasn't until recently (last year or so?) that i came across the term "morish", as used to describe something tasty that leads you to eat more. today i happened upon a company (based out of WA) called Morish Nuts... and so i browsed their site, thinking that their products may make for interesting gifts... and then i signed up for their competition giveaway... and then finally i parted money to become a member and receive some complimentary samples (hot cashews and choc peanuts) and permanent entry into their monthly giveaways (am i a sucker for freebies?!)

so yep, i've gone and joined the Morish Nutters Club.

ooh! today i got some stationery! scissors, staple remover, and small stickty tape dispenser. dispenser doesn't suit my large roll of tape, but at least i can now use scissors instead of incisors :)

daily double::fri 03 oct
1. Do you have any posters or pictures on your bedroom walls?
yes... A4 colour photocopy of a night photo i took from a plane window while on the ground at singapore international airport in the early 90's; two A4 sized movie flyers (for 'not one less' and 'galaxy quest'); an A3 poster for HKFF 1999 (hong kong film festival), which mark from heroic-cinema kindly sent me cos i wasn't able to make any of the screenings in brisbane (was working night shifts then); an A4 sized glow-in-the-dark postcard thing showing the nightscape from mt. hakodate (south part of hokkaido, japan) back towards the mainland; a printout of the prayer points from sem1 for the YF committee members.
2. If you had to give up one, which sense would you give up (sight, smell, touch, hear, taste)?
hard one... probably smell, partly because my sense of smell isn't all that sharp anyway.

music::ginny owens CD - something more

Saturday, October 04, 2003

lost in the beauty of the moment...

i had driven that road a few times already, and knew the way well enough that consultation of a map was not required. but the last few times i'd been there i'd driven at night, and today i was travelling by day. things looked quite different - i could see what i was driving past! nice, out-of-suburbia quasi-farmland greenery on a bright and somewhat windy day. added to this that i was taking my sister's relatively new holden astra for a spin. then throw in a bit of norah jones, whose debut cd happened to be in the car cd player, and i was lost in the beauty of the moment...

so when i came to some rather unfamiliar territory at the end of the road, i realised i had missed my turn-off!

anyways, let's backtrack a little, and provide a potted photolog with commentary, on other parts of my day:
  • earlier in the day i went to my second cousin's 21st birthday yum cha. [pic of invite - the few things i shot during yum cha were all vids]
  • had to leave early so as to attend another cousin's wedding. [pic1, pic2] the band was really cool - they played boppy 60's pop, giving the proceedings a relaxed and lively party-ish atmosphere. there was "my girl" and "(your love keeps lifting me) higher and higher" during the signing of the registry, and "let's get this party started"? during the recessional. a nice change from the more typical classical type pieces one tends to hear at weddings :)
  • it was after the wedding that i went on the drive above, to catch up with some of the folk from yum cha. they had gone to superman's house, and when i arrived they were piled on a little trailer riding behind a ride-on mower! crazy ppl... but i quickly joined in too :p [pic showing one person on the back, cos the other group stuff i took was a video]
  • superman then had to go to work, so we moved on over to fatty's house. more norah :)
  • one thing i find strange about the astra dash is the potentially confusing dual dials [pic]. usually the tachometer is a single digit figure showing x1000, but on this car it's a double digit figure showing x100. with the tacho dial being the same size as the speedometer, it could take more than one look to figure out which dial is showing your speed...
  • at fatty's, i went and checked out porky's new family car, the 2nd generation echo. i was curious to see the differences between that and my first gen echo. while there i decided to take a couple of photos showing the dash layout, since i recently commented on this rather unique feature of echos. [pic1, pic2]
  • then it was off again to return home and change before heading out to the wedding reception. i thought the flowers on the table were an interesting touch :) [pic]
  • at my table i met a girl who remembered my name from high school! she was wearing some rather funky jewellery [pic], which, thanks to my 4 years of engineering studies, i recognised as featuring some electronics components!

ok that's long enough an entry... early start tomorrow - helping out at evangelistic service at church.

music::norah jones mp3s (legit and free from here)

Friday, October 03, 2003


yesterday my manager was getting angry at her printer. i don't actually know what was wrong with it, but today she has a new printer.

meanwhile my printer still works, most of the time... though it jams everytime i've tried to use the manual feed tray, and it's not particularly fast, plus recently it's occasionally printed funny characters.

and a few other stationery/consumables whines...
  • there are no mechanical pencils available in the stationery supply
  • there are normal pencils, but no sharpeners to keep them nice and pointy
  • there's no sticky tape dispensers, and no scissors, so i'm using my teeth to "cut" strips of sticky tape
  • i miss having a scroll mouse. the person in charge of stationery doesn't know what a scroll mouse is. okay maybe i should have used "wheel mouse"
  • there are no fine point pens. i'm definitely a fine point pen person, which is why i'd be whining that there are no fine point pens. and also why i prefer mechanical pencils, and why i'd be complaining about the lack of them...
  • the medium point pen i *do* have is one of those annoying ones which quickly and easily develop a build-up of ink at the ball point. that is a badly designed/implemented pen, and not one fit for writing.

friday five::
1. What vehicle do you drive?
metallic silver manual toyota echo sedan
2. How long have you had it?
almost 4 years now
3. What is the coolest feature on your vehicle?
the dash :) couldn't find pictures that look like mine so i've settled for some american version here - of course my car is right hand drive, and the dash is digital not analog as in these pics. but you get the idea...
4. What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle?
can you believe that there is no light for the boot? so stupid...
5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now?
given that i don't actually know that much about cars, this is a tough question. but, also given that i watched "die another day" just a few nights ago, the aston martin vanquish (or rather, the souped up Q-branch special "vanish") is fairly fresh on my mind :)


(i think that's the sound some FOMs use in a situation like this)

i hate stuffing things up - making simple mistakes. i rate myself high on attention to detail when it comes to "promoting" myself to prospective employers and the like, so almost feel like a liar when i stuff up at work. yes i know i'm not perfect, but....


watched the first ep of survivor7 last night. seems like it's been a while since series 6 (amazon), so i once again find myself fascinatingly drawn to see what happens when you throw a group of strangers together and force them into various situations. not that i'm a blanket fan of these type of reality tv type shows - never got into stuff like big brother, or those "dating" games/shows. did watch a bit of the mole and the amazing race, but that didn't last. early favourite is on the drake tribe, and i'm liking rupert - the big ol' hippie looking dude! haha... but as they say - the game's unpredictable, and game is on as long as your torch is still burning.

Thursday, October 02, 2003


more strange noises from my revo this morning... discovered after sleeping in, because my second alarm (on the revo, naturally) failed to sound. so, in the mad dash to get ready and avoid being late to work again, i flipped open the device, turned it on, and voila - strange noises.

this time, strange noises = hard reset and shut down. likely to have been caused by total battery drain. lost everything. grrr... stupid me wasn't even smart (or paranoid!) enough to make a backup after the last set of strange noises a few days ago. so i grabbed the charger and rushed off to work.

at work, managed to do a bit of googling to discover this leading to a 'say... that rings a few bells!' when i came to the last two items listed under "possible problems", especially the last one about sounds causing the device to switch off. hmm... wonder how much that would cost to fix... wonder whether psion will repair it as a design fault, even though my unit is over 3 years old now...

well, now that i'm a bit more clued up on why my revo may be revolting, i've restored, updated, backed up, and installed ChaDis to help me keep an eye on things in the immediate future. but i have a feeling my woes have indeed been due to either the battery or battery connector (or both...) and it's going to be a case of live with it or spend more money (to fix, or upgrade)... *sigh*