Thursday, October 02, 2003


more strange noises from my revo this morning... discovered after sleeping in, because my second alarm (on the revo, naturally) failed to sound. so, in the mad dash to get ready and avoid being late to work again, i flipped open the device, turned it on, and voila - strange noises.

this time, strange noises = hard reset and shut down. likely to have been caused by total battery drain. lost everything. grrr... stupid me wasn't even smart (or paranoid!) enough to make a backup after the last set of strange noises a few days ago. so i grabbed the charger and rushed off to work.

at work, managed to do a bit of googling to discover this leading to a 'say... that rings a few bells!' when i came to the last two items listed under "possible problems", especially the last one about sounds causing the device to switch off. hmm... wonder how much that would cost to fix... wonder whether psion will repair it as a design fault, even though my unit is over 3 years old now...

well, now that i'm a bit more clued up on why my revo may be revolting, i've restored, updated, backed up, and installed ChaDis to help me keep an eye on things in the immediate future. but i have a feeling my woes have indeed been due to either the battery or battery connector (or both...) and it's going to be a case of live with it or spend more money (to fix, or upgrade)... *sigh*

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