Friday, October 03, 2003


(i think that's the sound some FOMs use in a situation like this)

i hate stuffing things up - making simple mistakes. i rate myself high on attention to detail when it comes to "promoting" myself to prospective employers and the like, so almost feel like a liar when i stuff up at work. yes i know i'm not perfect, but....


watched the first ep of survivor7 last night. seems like it's been a while since series 6 (amazon), so i once again find myself fascinatingly drawn to see what happens when you throw a group of strangers together and force them into various situations. not that i'm a blanket fan of these type of reality tv type shows - never got into stuff like big brother, or those "dating" games/shows. did watch a bit of the mole and the amazing race, but that didn't last. early favourite is on the drake tribe, and i'm liking rupert - the big ol' hippie looking dude! haha... but as they say - the game's unpredictable, and game is on as long as your torch is still burning.

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