Friday, October 24, 2003


keeping the ball alive
previously i thought that i, as a pretty clueless participant of this competition, numbered in the majority. now that nike have decided to give some hints as to how to find the codes, i can safely number myself in the subsequently even larger majority of participants who now (assuming they didn't already) know what they're doing... does that help or hurt my chances of winning something?!

keeping banking interesting
might not win anything out of this, but could earn more money via better interest... happened across citibank's site, and noticed that their online cash manager account is currently paying 5.00% p.a. interest (as of 20/08/03). that's 0.25% p.a. more than ING direct's savings maximiser (which i'm using), which hasn't budged from 4.75% p.a. since 07/06/02! but i suppose that's better than dragondirect's directsaver which *was* keeping pace with ING until it went down to 4.60% p.a. on 30/07/03... furthermore, citibank's account looks to have a few more features, like access via EFTPOS, ATM, BPay, direct debit etc, which could be useful for some. hmm... on second thought, i reckon it's almost good enough for me to use as my primary transation account! especially given that my current account has account keeping fees tied to minimum balances, and a whopping interest rate of 0.01% p.a. note to self: definitely worthy of further investigaton.

metway vs. my way
the same institution that takes care(??) of my general transactional money also handles my car insurance. i went with them for the sole reason that they gave me rating 1 from the get-go. now that i'm eligible for rating 1 for life with many other insurance agencies, i've discovered that i can save money by leaving my current insurer of 4 years. as my new insurer's slogan goes, lucky.... i'm now with AAMI!

back to the beginning
the reason why i was looking at citibank's site in the first place is... i applied online for the car insurance, and was about to pay for it with my debit card. then i thought i'd do my sister a favour and ask her if she wanted to pay with her credit card so she can earn points (since her CC has a rewards program), and i'll reimburse her in cash. that started me thinking... maybe i should check this credit card thing out more, so i asked both my sisters about their credit cards, and found out that my younger sis (whose card i used) has a card with a rewards program, no membership fees, and 55 day interest free period - not often that you get the last two in tandem, as far as i'm aware. now the bonus is that it (the APESMA/CBA Affinity Card) seems to be something for which i also seem to be eligible. note to self: another thing definitely worthy of further investigaton. so anyways, my older sister asked me whether i was thinking of getting a CC what with asking all these questions, and says: have you checked out citibank?

quentin's best movie yet
today's jumping around in time and action has been brought to you via the inspiration of kill bill vol. 1, which by the way rocks! if you like that sort of thing, that is :) and i sure DO! and that best movie thing? well that's from the horse's mouth. ok so the inspiration linkage is a bit flimsy, i only thought of it a few minutes ago and it seemed to fit at the time :p

daily double::
1. When was the last time you have gotten sick?
how timely is this? i'm sick now! (ref. last few entries)
2. Do you own a digital camera?
sure do :) carry it with me almost everywhere, but don't always pull it out to use...

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