Thursday, October 09, 2003

education gone crazy?

just got reminded of of something that came up when i was over at fatty's on monday night. she tutors these students, who also attend this extracurricular program called northshore(?) - something similar to kumon, from what i understand. anyway, the homework they get from northshore is pretty hard. fatty's role as a tutor is mostly to help them finish their homework, and so she wrote down a list of stuff she was going to bring to uni the next day to ask around. a few of these i knew off the top of my head, but some others were quite difficult. try this one on for size:

fnd an anagram of the above phrase, to give two words that are antonyms of each other.

now the kicker is that this is for a grade 6 primary school student... ??!! even i had no idea where to start... so in the end pulled out my revo (which, incidentally, has been behaving fairly well of late) for a bit more processing power. it helped in the anagram department, leaving me the antonym bit to figure out, which i did :)

ah well, back to work i go...

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