Monday, July 26, 2010

buffet dining

i've been looking into some options for all-you-can-eat type dining places where you can get plenty of food without paying (too) plenty of price, and not too far away from home. one place i had been to recently is
  • Sushi Station, 105 Vulture St West End, 07 3844 9688
    Their $22 weekend (Fri-Sun) lineup includes seafood items. From memory, the weekday lineup (sans seafood) is $20.
this was my first choice because i've been there before and thought the food was ok - not fantastic, but decent enough and with a fair variety of (cold) japanese sushi and (hot) chinese items, there should be enough to satisfy most palates. i asked about a group discount and was told this would only be available for groups of 30-40+ people.

googling a little further, i found a few other options that i hadn't previously known of (or maybe had come across but just forgot about).
  • Lychee Village (Chinese-Malaysian restaurant), 7-9 Allamanda Drive Daisy Hill, 07 3808 3899 or 3299 2333
    Superfeast Gold $20 Sun-Thu/$22 Fri-Sat etc
    Superfeast $23.50/$24.50
    Super value $19.90

  • Sunny Breeze (Japanese restaurant), Shop 24 Sunny Park Shopping Centre Sunnybank, 07 3344 6133 or 07 3344 6144
    this restaurant was previously known as Oshin. i've probably only ever been to it once (if ever), and have always had the impression that this was a pricier place. having said that, their buffets don't sound too bad in comparison to the others on this page.
    Wednesday dinner sushi buffet $25
    Sunday lunch or dinner shabu-shabu/sukiyaki buffet $25

  • Tibetan Kitchen, 1/59 Hardgrave Road West End, 07 3844 7355
    "for tables of six or more all-you-can-eat banquets are available" - there's no further info on their website about this, but i asked by phone and was told it is a $24 per head menu featuring a selection of entrees, breads and mains (the most popular ones) from their menu
looking forward to hitting one of these joints up shortly :)