Monday, June 28, 2004

how long did that take?

what can you do with a one hour lunch break

go home, watch an episode of 24, come back to work. pretty darn good effort i thought :p

- - - - -

in other news, came across this "petals around the rose" puzzle, and according to the background, i must be very very not smart, cos my first hypothesis was correct... :|

reminds me of other silly games/puzzles with their not always so obvious solutions (some of which took me a lot longer to figure out!) like

- black magic/white magic
- what time is it now? (and similar)
- this is a circle, right or wrong?
- bang bang bang who died?

oh the hours of fun you can have with people straining their brains out to try to figure out the solution! (it's almost sadistic :p)

Friday, June 25, 2004

Decidedly Very Dear

DVDs, that is :p

local video store was having a sale of "pre-viewed" movies etc, so i went to have a browse of the DVDs. realised before i arrived at the shop that i had forgotten my wallet, and didn't really want to come back for a second trip, but thought what the heck i'll have a look anyways. spotted the two-disc special editions of daredevil and the hulk, both being movies i had been intending to watch but never got around to...

$19.90 each... hmm... that's a pretty good price for a DVD (plus a fistful of special features - just the kind of stuff i look for in a DVD release) right? too bad i can't pay for them... oh well, maybe i'll have to come back a second time after all.

meanwhile, back on the net, i decide to try to find out how much these babies go for retail-wise. lo and behold, with a bit of investigating (mostly thanks to my good friend google), i discover that i can get the daredevil dvd for $21.95, and the hulk for $21.42. that's brand spanking new, and inclusive of postage.

yes, i think i'll pay an extra $3.57 for the "upgrade"! and after a bit more digging for some reviews to satisfy myself that the special features are worth watching, i'm plonking down the old credit card!

google - your favourite shopping companion and guide... good thing i didn't have my wallet with me :)

more timing tales and other miscellanea

was looking into virgin credit cards online (searching around for an alternative, cos my current freebie will stop being a freebie by year's end) sunday night, and i receive a personalised application from you guess who in monday's mail! something about them having a birthday and putting 8 $15,000.00 adventures up for grabs. so i applied :)

won an autographed maroons origin jersey from aami a few weeks back. missed out on the grand prize of 20 tickets to game 2, but catching the second half on tv with friends while wearing my prize was good enough. then i went and sold it, being the big league fan that i'm not.

- - - - -

the letter from the ATO about superannuation co-contributions has been sitting on my desk for a while, until i finally got around to doing something about it. little did i realise all the to-ing and fro-ing that would need to take place, in order for me to make a contribution to my own super fund. sheesh... but i suppose it's worth it when you get a "free" $1000.00!

- - - - -

currently sucking down a strawberry and banana shake from - no idea where the actual shop is cos the drink was given to me... tastes kinda strange but i'm sure it's doing my body some good... ??

- - - - -

got to play with a friend's new ixus 500 the other night - niiiice... i like! smaller and lighter than my 330, and with slightly better features/specs. haven't been to shops to see street prices, but $500+ from ebay (direct import from japan) vs. $899 RRP local pricing. tough choice... heh

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

timing is everything


when you go spend some hard-earned cash at koorong adding more "must read" books to your collection (and a katinas CD that's quite growing on me), and two days later receive notification that they're having a one week storewide 15% off sale...

or when you open your eyes in the morning, thinking "hmmm that was a refreshing sleep, and i've even woken up before my alarm went off", and then reaching to look at the time, wondering how much longer you can relax in bed, and realising that the figure is a significant negative...

or feeling like the "just when you thought it was safe to go back in the ocean" and *cue jaws theme music*

or sometimes wishing you had access to something like a time turner!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

going polar

actually that title is quite misleading and inaccurate. but it's what first popped into my head and i like it enough to keep it - with some clarifications :p

1. polar implies cold. the first few days of winter have actually been warmer than the last few days/weeks of autumn. apparently something about a cold snap ending on the first day of winter. how ironic!

2. the reason i thought about polar was bears hibernating in winter. but then i realised that polar bears don't hibernate! oh well. i feel a bit like i've been hibernating cos i've been sleeping the last 12 hours or so (mostly bcos i'm so tired from hardly sleeping the night before!). i've been up for about an hour, and decided to get out of bed because it wasn't looking like i was going to get back to sleep anytime soon.

now my feet are cold... and i think i'll catch up on some video viewing before a nice warm shower and starting my fullish looking day.