Friday, June 25, 2004

Decidedly Very Dear

DVDs, that is :p

local video store was having a sale of "pre-viewed" movies etc, so i went to have a browse of the DVDs. realised before i arrived at the shop that i had forgotten my wallet, and didn't really want to come back for a second trip, but thought what the heck i'll have a look anyways. spotted the two-disc special editions of daredevil and the hulk, both being movies i had been intending to watch but never got around to...

$19.90 each... hmm... that's a pretty good price for a DVD (plus a fistful of special features - just the kind of stuff i look for in a DVD release) right? too bad i can't pay for them... oh well, maybe i'll have to come back a second time after all.

meanwhile, back on the net, i decide to try to find out how much these babies go for retail-wise. lo and behold, with a bit of investigating (mostly thanks to my good friend google), i discover that i can get the daredevil dvd for $21.95, and the hulk for $21.42. that's brand spanking new, and inclusive of postage.

yes, i think i'll pay an extra $3.57 for the "upgrade"! and after a bit more digging for some reviews to satisfy myself that the special features are worth watching, i'm plonking down the old credit card!

google - your favourite shopping companion and guide... good thing i didn't have my wallet with me :)

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