Friday, June 25, 2004

more timing tales and other miscellanea

was looking into virgin credit cards online (searching around for an alternative, cos my current freebie will stop being a freebie by year's end) sunday night, and i receive a personalised application from you guess who in monday's mail! something about them having a birthday and putting 8 $15,000.00 adventures up for grabs. so i applied :)

won an autographed maroons origin jersey from aami a few weeks back. missed out on the grand prize of 20 tickets to game 2, but catching the second half on tv with friends while wearing my prize was good enough. then i went and sold it, being the big league fan that i'm not.

- - - - -

the letter from the ATO about superannuation co-contributions has been sitting on my desk for a while, until i finally got around to doing something about it. little did i realise all the to-ing and fro-ing that would need to take place, in order for me to make a contribution to my own super fund. sheesh... but i suppose it's worth it when you get a "free" $1000.00!

- - - - -

currently sucking down a strawberry and banana shake from - no idea where the actual shop is cos the drink was given to me... tastes kinda strange but i'm sure it's doing my body some good... ??

- - - - -

got to play with a friend's new ixus 500 the other night - niiiice... i like! smaller and lighter than my 330, and with slightly better features/specs. haven't been to shops to see street prices, but $500+ from ebay (direct import from japan) vs. $899 RRP local pricing. tough choice... heh

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