Saturday, June 05, 2004

going polar

actually that title is quite misleading and inaccurate. but it's what first popped into my head and i like it enough to keep it - with some clarifications :p

1. polar implies cold. the first few days of winter have actually been warmer than the last few days/weeks of autumn. apparently something about a cold snap ending on the first day of winter. how ironic!

2. the reason i thought about polar was bears hibernating in winter. but then i realised that polar bears don't hibernate! oh well. i feel a bit like i've been hibernating cos i've been sleeping the last 12 hours or so (mostly bcos i'm so tired from hardly sleeping the night before!). i've been up for about an hour, and decided to get out of bed because it wasn't looking like i was going to get back to sleep anytime soon.

now my feet are cold... and i think i'll catch up on some video viewing before a nice warm shower and starting my fullish looking day.


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