Monday, October 06, 2003

it's official - i'm a nutter!

it wasn't until recently (last year or so?) that i came across the term "morish", as used to describe something tasty that leads you to eat more. today i happened upon a company (based out of WA) called Morish Nuts... and so i browsed their site, thinking that their products may make for interesting gifts... and then i signed up for their competition giveaway... and then finally i parted money to become a member and receive some complimentary samples (hot cashews and choc peanuts) and permanent entry into their monthly giveaways (am i a sucker for freebies?!)

so yep, i've gone and joined the Morish Nutters Club.

ooh! today i got some stationery! scissors, staple remover, and small stickty tape dispenser. dispenser doesn't suit my large roll of tape, but at least i can now use scissors instead of incisors :)

daily double::fri 03 oct
1. Do you have any posters or pictures on your bedroom walls?
yes... A4 colour photocopy of a night photo i took from a plane window while on the ground at singapore international airport in the early 90's; two A4 sized movie flyers (for 'not one less' and 'galaxy quest'); an A3 poster for HKFF 1999 (hong kong film festival), which mark from heroic-cinema kindly sent me cos i wasn't able to make any of the screenings in brisbane (was working night shifts then); an A4 sized glow-in-the-dark postcard thing showing the nightscape from mt. hakodate (south part of hokkaido, japan) back towards the mainland; a printout of the prayer points from sem1 for the YF committee members.
2. If you had to give up one, which sense would you give up (sight, smell, touch, hear, taste)?
hard one... probably smell, partly because my sense of smell isn't all that sharp anyway.

music::ginny owens CD - something more

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