Tuesday, September 30, 2003

humming along

i hate...
how my work PC is soooo slow. it's forever disk thrashing because it simply does not have enough RAM. trying to run Win2K on 64MB RAM? that's asking for punishment.

i love...
how i managed to score another 64MB, and now the PC is positively humming along :) so, even though it still has less RAM than my old Win98 system at home, it's still much better/faster compared to how it was half an hour ago!

daily double::mon 29 sep
1. Do you have a TV in your room?
no. if i did i'd probably never leave (except for personal hygiene and nutrition purposes :p)
2. What do like to watch on TV?
hmm... currently? the movie show, alias, survivor, plus movies, the odd special, and occasional channel surfing where i might watch bits and pieces of some sports, cooking, current affairs, news etc...

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