Sunday, September 21, 2003

the wedding march

how's this for a list of speedy couple FOMs and their movement from "dating" to engaged/married? all within 6 or 12 months...
  1. met october last year, started going out soon after, engaged march?, married june
  2. known each other for ages, started going out early this year? getting married this weekend
  3. met november last year, started going out some time this year?, engaged in august
  4. (i only know the bride) couple was apparently on, then off. back on this year and getting married next weekend
  5. (i only know the bride) couple would have met august last year at the earliest. no idea it was even on the cards but found out after the fact that they got married in or before august this year
  6. met last year?, started going out april this year, found out today that they had gotten engaged
as i wrote to one half of couple #6, i feel positively slow in comparison ;)

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