Monday, September 29, 2003

does not compute?

my revo just made strange noises at me as i went to move the bag it was in... please don't tell me you've gone and done a spontaneous reset on yourself! i grimaced. it had already proved itself capable of this feat some months back, causing much cursing from me and fuelling fervour to maintain a much more rigorous backup schedule.

can't think what should have caused anything to go make funny noices... in any case, i opened up the lid, turned it on, and prepared for the worst.

*phew* looks like it's managed to lose a few settings, which only took a few seconds to restore. but oh... also lost some data that i entered earlier today... though only from one application (that i could see) and not from another?! hmm....

don't die on me just yet. i'm not ready to afford a replacement, though a dell axim (like one my on-a-technology-spending-spree of a younger sister recently bought) looks to be the goods if i'm forced down that path anytime soon :)

daily double::fri 26 sep
1. Apple Juice or Orange Juice?
apple, cos OJ is *every*where. though given the choice (and the variety you typically get most places you go is oh so boring), i'd go for something more exotic. like... guava, coconut, watermelon, starfruit, soursop, lychee, sugar cane... give me malaysian hawkers, or a half decent asian grocery store / juice stand :)
2. Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
neither. coke rots your teeth (among other negative effects); that stuff is strong! soft drinks contain carbon dioxide - why drink in the waste product that our lungs breath *out*? i've cut down heaps on my intake of soft drinks, but i still occasionally go for lemondade, fanta, sars and creaming soda. almost never any type of cola.

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