Friday, November 07, 2003


(brings back scary memories of the rather un-funny attempt at a movie that was zoolander :| )

yes it's friday and another working week is over. i don't think i've felt so busy for a while... seems most other people are busy / snowed under / occasionally showing glimpses of stress cracks too. two more weeks of me being alone, i think i mostly prefer it when i'm not. except when the company's not really wanted, but i digress...

work hard, play hard, so they say. busy / fairly packed weekend coming up too... starting in about an hour's time :o where will i find the time to catch up on sleep? guess that'll have to wait till next week... *yawn* i don't think this is good.

gracenotworks is back in action - go check it out! i didn't realise one of the guys responsible for it is a brisbanite!

meanwhile, i can't be sitting here too much longer... *yawn* again... hmm...

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