Wednesday, November 12, 2003


can't think of anything imaginative, creative, or even functionally descriptive for a title. i give up.

another friend recently announced her engagement and upcoming wedding. meanwhile i've recently been doing some (longish/hardish) thinking about my bgr. too early to say more, maybe. will be seeing her tonight. big long chat methinks... hopefully a useful/constructive/productive one :/

can't remember when/how i got on their mailing list, but after pointing out a privacy breach with atlantic dvd's latest newsletter, i've been given a $10 discount on my next purchase. no idea what to get, if i use it - too much on offer and nothing really standoutish. anyone want to save $10 on a dvd?

i like how survivor has evolved, and that the game has introduced new twists and surprises (eg the looting element, temporary tribe member swap, and now the outcasts tribe). then again, 7 series of the same thing would probably get rather predictable and boring. can't help but read ahead on the US website before the episode airs on australian tv though! but the way they've edited this series' shows feels different to some of the earlier series, which i thought gave a lot more airtime to the physical survival aspect of the contestants' time in the game. oh well, back to meeting my physical survival needs (aka lunch!).

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