Saturday, November 15, 2003

hanging with the girls

a bit of an interesting and unplanned kinda day...

started off with a early (for a saturday) kickoff. woke up late(r than i was supposed to) again, so only managed a few bites of breakfast before the my first appointment of the day - an 8am meeting with terry strong. he came over to follow up my dad and i, as we both recently became members of mannatech, thus entering the business aspect of the glyconutritional market.

that took a bit longer than i expected, so after it finished i only had time to brush my teeth and gather a few things before rushing out the door for a dental appointment. apparently i need to floss, esp between my upper front teeth :| my lower left wisdom tooth is still missing, so my upper left will need removing at some stage, either when it hits my gums or it starts growing out :(

and so, with the planned part of the day over, i dropped in to fatty's place on my way back from the dentist to return her adsl modem and continue troubleshooting their connection problems. managed to get things working, and ended up staying the rest of the afternoon, where i...
  • got my toenails painted by val
  • tried out some sandpaper hair shaver dooby (it really works!)
  • assisted in some hairdressing as a bunch of girls prepared for a ball later that night (this was mostly holding / passing hairspray, and holding bits of hair!)
  • saw and learned first hand how/why getting ready can take so long!
ahh the insights into the world and ways of women ;) (how little do i know!)

- - - - -

i've also put up some photos from last week's noosa outing.

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