Sunday, October 31, 2004


i'm in the middle of applying for jobs, and lost motivation... seeing as it's been a while since i posted any photos, the perfect procrastination excuse found me ;)

these are (the start of) some overdue pics from when i was in singapore almost a month ago... this particular set being from saturday 25 sep, when i attended a "mid-autumn festival" celebration held by the mt gerizim bible presbyterian church.

the chua chu kang bible centre building, which is actually home to 3 (or is it more?) churches. not quite sure how this works - this kind of setup is certainly unlike churches (and their buildings) that i'm accustomed to in australia.

the event began with a buffet - i had my share of the food early because i became one of the helpers (who had to eat early, before the guests proper arrived), even though it was my first time stepping foot into the place, and still being somewhat jet lagged and majorly sleep deprived after my overnight flight.

other items on the evening's agenda included things such as solving chinese riddles, a short talk by the church's pastor, some singing, song presentations, and this play (based on the prodigal son parable). notice the rear projection "screen", displaying background pics in time with the action on stage (which was actually all mimed to pre-recorded dialogue).

anyways, i was pretty pooped at the end of all that... which about wraps up day 1.

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