Wednesday, October 13, 2004

CTP Premium Calculator

october is a big month of expenses... car rego and insurance are due then. just about to pay my rego and thought i'd take a quick squizz on google to see if my current CTP insurer is giving me a good price before i fork over my money, and came across this handy little page: CTP Premium Calculator

if you get there fast enough you might spot a typo in the "title" of that page... let's see how quickly their web monkeys respond to my email :)

incidentally, yes my current insurer is giving me the best price. not that there's much variance in the offerings... oh well good to know nevertheless!


  1. hmm... here's a cryptic clue (since the mistake is still there :p)

    judge a book by its cover

    if your brain doesn't tick like mine, that might not help! hehe...

    your move :)

  2. Nope...ain't ticking like you do :P

  3. book is to webpage as cover is to page title... the mistake is in the "title" tag of the page, which gets displayed in the title bar of your browser window.

    mystery solved, and mistake still there. guess web monkeys don't get/read email...?! oh well, you can't say i didn't try!

  4. Hahaha! I get it now!

    "Oh...hahaha...I get jokes" - Homer Simpson