Tuesday, March 09, 2004

it's all a bit of a blur

i can hardly recall what i did last week. starting to feel busier with YF and BSL starting up again for another semester. struggling to get in 8 hours of sleep, feeling sleepy and yawning my head off during the day as a result...

yesterday. counting down the last hour of work before i go home. suddenly there's a rush on to help pack up some equipment for shipping... worked up a bit of a sweat, but also felt good to be productive and contributing - almost a "longing just to bring something that's of worth" kind of feeling.

another rush this morning as i awoke to the realisation that i had silenced my alarm some 40 minutes ago, and it was now 10 minutes before i'm supposed to be at work. briefly considered calling in sick, or at least phoning to say i'd be late... but in the end i made it in at about the usual time (which is about 10 minutes late!) and brought breakfast to eat at my desk.

packed weekend last week. another packed one coming up: day-tripping to International Outlook 2004 on saturday, and planning to return to KGCC sunday night - don't know how long i can/should keep that up as it makes for rather full sundays... but for the time being i would like to.

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click here for more thought-provoking readings about 'the passion' from the folks at matthias media. highly recommended.

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