Monday, March 22, 2004


my day...

no motivation.

no desire.

no enthusiasm.

can i hit [win], [u], [h] and set the timer for 8 hours?

- - - - -

just got reminded of a weird dream i had last night - two people i knew got married, and the groom turned up wearing what could only be described as a dress. i think it was purple...

talk about one out of left field!

- - - - -

hello, my name is .... and i am a netaholic...

well, i don't really think i am, but i'm sitting here bored out of my brain, and the external net connection has been down since before 8am. i've grown too accustomed to having the net at my fingertips when i'm at work (and at home), so i'm itching to see some packet flow happening! am even contemplating grabbing an analog modem and going the dial-up route.

now that would just make me feel so much more like an addict!

- - - - -

pc beeps to indicate new mail!

*pops head up to take a look*

but it's only internal stuff... external access still down.

*puts head back down*

- - - - -

i think / i feel like i'm suffering withdrawal symptoms :o

- - - - -

mobile rings. private number. interest momentarily peaked. pick up. wrong number...

- - - - -

internal network also stops working. can't even make updates to this (this being MS Outlook notes - which i'm using to draft this entry, for posting once the internet access is restored) because i can't reach the exchange server...

decide to go home for lunch.

- - - - -

back at work... still no external network, but temporarily satiated after getting my 'net "fix" at home.


(is it just me, or is this getting sadder by the hour?)

- - - - -

oooh.... they're baaaack.... not that there's a heck of a lot of activity, but at least i'm 'connected' once more.

though, on further thought... if that's my 'definition' of being connected, that too is rather sad... hmm...

- - - - -

home time! made it through the day, and heading off for dinner at ahmet's :)

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