Wednesday, March 17, 2004

two steps forward

got a call not too long after yesterday's post, and it was good news! i'll be taking the next step in the application process by attending an interview shortly :)

got some aspirin thing from my supervisor yesterday afternoon, and that helped with the headache a bit. went home after work and slept for while, got up, quick mail check, semi-continued an msn conversation from a few weeks ago, but had to do a spill-and-run, and left to go out for dinner. asked my sister to tape survivor and alias for me, but she forgot about alias!


would have rather missed survivor than alias - alias has too many twists and turns and action bits to "make up" if you miss an ep :(

but, thanks to the netizens of the world (or maybe just a select few) i found an episode guide and transcript online, and resorted to my imagination to visualise the scenes as i read :)

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