Friday, March 12, 2004

cursed yawn

i keep yawning when i'm sitting down at my desk... my manager has seen/caught me a few times mid-yawn, and keeps joking/threatening to give me more work (requiring me to be off my butt) to do...

i think i need more sleep. but even if i try sleeping earlier (as i did last night), i often wake up before my alarm is due to sound. don't know what's up with that. of course, waking up before my alarm sounds is no guarantee that i won't go back to sleep, and keep snoozing when my alarm *does* sound!

T minus 3.5 hours ;)

- - - - -

more readings about 'the passion', this time from the biblical studies foundation. i think i've reached saturation point on this topic, need to do some distilling/digesting.

music::city on a hill #3 - the gathering

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