Saturday, March 20, 2004

what are the odds?

i have, and can account for, every since APC magazine cover CD from the last few years. except for one. and that very exception happens to be the same one i am wanting to use! curse your confounding laws mr murphy!

so now i'm having to download the windows XP SP1 instead of running it off the CD. hmm... oh well. good thing i have broadband (or to the purists, not-quite-broadband!) and a bit of time[1] on my hands today. ever since the good folk at iinet decided to improve my plan, i've been all quota'ed up with nowhere to burn. so today, i decided to continue working on my spare pc with some serious patching activity.

i also happened to 'discover' (well, it's new to me) winamp's net radio, so have been listening to some chinese tunes courtesy of - it's only 48kbps and mono, but at the moment the novelty is good :) besides which, my connection isn't quite up to handling the streams from the higher bit rate servers. needless to say i can pretty much forget about any streaming video. oh well.

another find was this page which also links to english translations of the lyrics from emil chow's album day lilies! just the sort of stuff a person like me needs :p

[1] have been feeling a bit restless and wanting to go out and do stuff since yesterday afternoon. so far, i've ended up staying at home the whole time (except to go out this morning cos i already had stuff i needed to do). so much for spontaneity and life on the edge ;)

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