Friday, March 19, 2004

i feel...

neither overwhelmingly positive nor overwhelmingly negative about the interview. i'm confident, but don't want to be overly so. oh well. it's over and done with. now it's out of my hands. maybe soon i won't be getting caught mid-yawn every too often!

- - - - -

that previous motivation (see jan 5) never did translate to an actual visit, so when my isp recently offered its customers a $10 discount on purchases from qbd, i settled on a copy of a thousand pieces of gold. maybe i'm just a sucker for the marketing power of a (perceived) bargain/saving - once you factor in the cost of shipping, and the minimum purchase amount, you're not really saving that much... oh well, it's a book i don't mind reading and owning :) it is shaping up to be a rather interesting read!

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