Tuesday, March 23, 2004

i need...

cannot articulate how i feel/what i'm feeling. just some shade of weird/slightly off.

i think i need...

... actually i don't quite know that either.

perhaps a nice warm hug :)

then again, a slap in the face might also work :o

maybe a bit of both... hmm... whatever the case, gotta keep walking.

- - - - -

so ahmet's was alright. was going to catch a bus in, but saved myself the fare when i remembered that my sister goes near where i needed to go for her weekly bsf meetings. and the timing was just right, so i arrived at the restaurant after a short walk.

The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it.
-- Franklin P. Jones

but i didn't have to wait too long :) when everybody arrived, some of the others wanted to move tables. we were given a 'conventional' table and chair setting, but they were eyeing off these benches covered with cushions and rugs which exuded a greater sense of atmosphere. so we moved. the benches were really just wooden benches, topped with a ~1inch layer of cheap foam, and covered with a rug thing. i thought my original seat was more comfortable :p

we ordered the prince feast, to experience a variety of dishes from their menu. for $27/head (after an entertainment book gold card discount), i thought it was somewhat over-priced. the food was ok without being spectacular. probably the nicest dish was the chicken and lamb skewers, which i'll remember to order if i ever return. bit my lip while chomping on my turkish delight... really hate it when i do that!

dinner conversation ranged from serious questions and thoughts, to verbal jousting between some of the feistier diners. we covered good ground though, and it was a pleasant evening. at the end of it i had a ~3hour long conversation with nza outside my house. totally unexpected and unplanned, but it was just great to have that time of catching up, finding out about each other's lives, and sharing about some of our struggles/worries, bgr issues, and plans for the future. we were both surprised at what our watches said, by the time we decided to call it a night after wrapping up in prayer.

so i'm still in sleep debt (more so than usual!), but glad for the impromptu chat. sometimes good things happen when you least expect, and when you're not looking for it / trying to make it happen. makes me re-think whether i might be staking/focused too much on my own effort, wrt a few other things in my life...

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