Monday, March 29, 2004

new taste like deja vu

the new taste is for toothpaste...

the toothpaste i've been using for what seems like forever, has run out. and it's no longer available in the shops. sometimes change should be embraced, but in this instance, i don't want for my mouth to feel strange every time i brush my teeth with the "new" taste and texture of a different toothpaste. i suppose that after some time, when i've grown accustomed to whatever it is i switch to, the memories of brushing with my current toothpaste will have faded away. and by then, all of this will seem so trivial! (more so than it already is?? :p)

- - - - -

the deja vu is for the blurry rushing...

another morning of waking up, checking the time, and realising i'm supposed to be at work in under 10 minutes... so i turn up, again at about the usual time, only to find that the main piece of software that eveyone here uses, is down. oh well, all the more time to finish my breakfast :) hmm just checked again and it's back, so i guess no more loitering around here for me!

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