Wednesday, May 26, 2004


i had no idea where we were going - she wouldn't say. even when she started looking in the refidex to make sure she knows where to turn etc. i gleaned that it was somewhere down the coast. that narrows it down a lot... not!

i was required to dress 'up' (my usual workwear of tee/polo, jeans and sneakers weren't going to cut it! :p), and even when we were less than 5 minutes away i was still clueless as to our destination. actually, even when we did arrive, i still wasn't sure what lay ahead... we were late, which made for a little bit of tension, but got there without too much drama. she brought me to dracula's for a night of food and entertainment. it was also an opportunity to see the sort of thing that some of the students of the creative industries might produce/be involved in, ie a glimpse into / taste of her (academic) world...

quite an interesting night... certainly an atypical experience for me. surprise indeed :)

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