Friday, April 01, 2005

reflections on...

... romans 14 (v23):
if you want something
even though you know it's wrong
is that what's called sin?

... ecclesiastes:

i'm sitting with a group of people, who happen to be looking at and thinking about the message of ecclesiastes. one of the big points to come out is that life is meaningless; that there's no point in trying to be wise because in the end you die the same as the fool next to you.

i'm sitting in the house where she lives. we haven't really talked, and things have changed since we once did. one of the big thoughts to strike me is that there's no point in trying to be wise because in the end, the (in my opinion) unwise gets the fish, and the (trying to be) wise comes home empty handed.

how is it that one can do away with wisdom and appear to succeed, yet another try to follow wisdom and appear to fail?

yes i know that the catch of the unwise is really not, and that though the wise be catchless the results aren't the only things that count. but sometimes the gap between head and heart rivals the grand canyon.

good thing that the preacher concludes that there *is* something that takes us beyond the meaningless, and that differentiates between the good and the bad. wisdom is not futile.

... my recent posts:

FOM (one of the very select few i know who actually read these entries :p) commented that my recent posts all seem very sighworthy in an "it's all too hard" kind of sense. i guess it can seem that way, but that's mostly because you won't hear a squeak when a wheel is well-oiled and running smoothly ;) i'm still alive and breathing. and struggling at times... *shrugs*

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