Saturday, August 05, 2006

ronnie - iron chef dessert

i don't consider myself to be someone with much of a sweet tooth, and that generally precludes indulgence in things dessert. but faced with the vast array of tempting treats that ronnie recently served up for his 21st birthday celebrations last sunday night, i just had to try out at least a representative sample of those offered.

yum, yum! full photo album and a short video clip are also up - maybe one day we'll see him dance ;)

i remember first seeing him as the (at one time) youngest person to join our youth group, and playing cricket at the mansfield oval. seeing how he has grown and matured in Christ over the years has been a blessing and encouragement. spoke a bit to his mum and found out that their whole family is now attending church in the one place, which is awesome progress and an answer to much prayers - praise God :) may He be pleased to continue moving in that family, drawing the lost to Himself and building the found for the glory of His name.


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