Tuesday, August 08, 2006

recykled material

i suppose i could go and recycle the sort of thing i say/blog about, around about this time of year. but i'm too lazy to start. instead i'll do two things:

1. say that sunday, though not really anything spectacular, was nevertheless nice. i'd say that pretty much anything is enhanced by welcome company :)

2. on a pretty much totally unrelated note, commend the boys and girls from team CCCB who took part in recykle 2006 on saturday, raising funds for the leprosy mission. i went along and watched what looked to be fairly hard (and painful?) work... here's a clip of some of them in action - bear in mind that this is about 10 minutes into a 60 minute riding session, so they all look pumped and rearing to go now ;)

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  1. Happy birthday ol' chum! Gen XY cusper huh? Nice euphemism. ;p