Thursday, August 24, 2006


it hasn't always been the most enjoyable of rides... after being involved in organising the inaugural Brisbane Leadership Training conference in 2004, i opted out in year 2, before being drafted back to do more in 06. i had a few very late nights leading up to the camp held last weekend, and was surprisingly alert for the whole thing - awake enough for tasks, if not necessarily people. speaking of whom, a quick glance through the group photo below finds me looking at lots of faces i don't even recall seeing!

maybe it's a tendency for me to zone out when i'm focussed on something (or perhaps being distracted or otherwise occupied also does the trick), but i think i don't really look at people when i'm "working". i barely remember snippets from the talks and the one seminar/workshop i did manage to attend. while i did meet a few new/unfamiliar faces, i don't think i had a single fruitful conversation with anyone, including old friends. in fact, probably the longest conversation i had with anyone (not counting my visitor) was the security guard, who came into the dining hall to get a cup of coffee while i was clearing up, and we probably chatted for a good 15-20 minutes.

and so the whole weekend was a bit of a blur. i'm glad that it's over, and that initial feedback indicates that most other campers found it a good time of networking and learning. i can only praise God that things didn't fall apart, despite my knowing that a lot of preparation was lacking or done somewhat blindly.

i look forward to doing nothing for a while. it won't happen, of course... but at least that one big thing is over and done with (mostly) for now...


  1. u were alert and didnt fall sick despite the late nights becos of the cooling drink tat ur mum made for u n the ginseng slices tat you were 'forced' to take :)


  2. Thanks heaps for taking on all those responsibilities so that the rest of us could gain from the weekend. I suspect that when it comes to camps, someone or some people are always the ones that have to bear the brunt of the responsibility. For these people, the camp will go by like a blur and they may not be fed all that much themselves from the actual content. However, the service they provide is invaluable in allowing all the other people there to soley concentrate on learning/gaining from the camp.

    So thank you so much for being that person this time!! :)

  3. agreed :) keep on serving god and his people unceasingly with joy so that people can be ministered to and reap from god's word.

  4. lol... good one "visitor"!

    and who is anonymous? is that you "todd"? who else is from sydney, came along to BLT, and knows me well enough to be familiar with my blog? hmm...

    anyways, thanks everyone for the encouragement :)

  5. No. Not "todd". But a friend nonetheless :)

  6. yeah actuall i didn't think so, cos i don't think todd reads my blog.

    the evidence points to someone who went from sydney to brisbane in between friday and monday. there are two known readers of nebulocity who i know have travelled recently... one who's movements match the evidence, but who wasn't actually at BLT, and the second who was, but of whose movements (timing wise) i'm less certain.

    i scratch my head, and i give up the chase. remain anonymous you shall :)