Wednesday, April 07, 2004

new eXPeriences

hooray! i now have winXP pro at work :) the IT infrastructure recently sustained some irreversible changes, meaning all win98 users lost access and thus got/had to migrate to XP. the upshot of the downtime was new(er) machines, and my supervisor scored a nice P4 box. i missed out on it all as i was on win2k, and could access everything i was supposed to.

but... it turns out some of the functionality i require for work is not achievable without XP, as i discovered after a few 'complaints' to the IT folk. so when i was offered an OS upgrade yesterday, i welcomed it. 10 seconds into the negotiations (i was going to do the upgrade myself) i realised i'd be using my existing box - yes, the same one that only came with 64MB of RAM! there aren't any more new machines, i was told... but here's 256MB of RAM to sweeten the deal.

so, a few hours and 4 BSODs later (i think i had a suspect RAM bank), i'm running XP. finished setting up everything this morning, and i'm happily humming along with a nicer operating system and a welcome boost of RAM :)

now can i have a scroll mouse?!

- - - - -

i must be liking my work better and better:

1. woke up monday morning and the first thought that entered my head was "damn, it's monday already/again"...

2. woke up tuesday morning... at 8:25am. yes, technically 5 minutes is around about how much time i need to drive to work on a clear run. let's just skip all the actual getting up / grooming / eating and what have you that usually happens before one gets in the car...

- - - - -

stumbled across and some of its sister sites (alllooksame and pain in the english). looks like a rich source of interesting reading :) case in point: the article on conformity - especially the last paragraph!

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