Wednesday, July 07, 2004

turning over a new leaf

well, maybe not quite :p

but a new look for a new half-year, or a new financial year, or a new month, or just because i finally got around to it!

of course, i can take no credit for the design, having pinched a standard template from blogger's offerings and tried to do some minor customisation.

so yeah, new template and comments system is in play from hence forth. think i'll keep all past posts as is, unless i happen to have a need to republish the whole site...

anyways... feels good to be able to tick *some*thing off my to-do list cos it's been starting to feel like i've not been achieving accomplishing anything much lately. so, next on the agenda: photoblogging! and yes, i will get around to dong that. eventually! and especially now that the site i was using to host my albums is starting to charge money... :/

ps. leaf, green... geddit?? ok nevermind...

1 comment:

  1. just trying out blogger comments :)

    testing 1, 2, 3... is this thing on??