Friday, May 13, 2005

Optus, you suck!

why? because:
  1. you changed the conditions for rollover. again.
  2. you conveniently neglected to inform me of the change.
  3. not only did you not inform me before it happened, you still didn't inform me after it happened.
  4. i wasted time in double checking my calculation to figure out where i went wrong, before realising (via a search on your website) that i hadn't made a mistake, rather you had changed the rules. without telling me.
  5. this happened the last time you changed the conditions for rollover, and i had to ring customer service to find out what you did.
  6. this time i thought i'd write to you via your nominated "contact us" methods to voice my displeasure, but your feedback form doesn't work!
  7. i wasted more time testing your form with two browsers to confirm it wasn't an user error on my part, before confirming that it is indeed your form that is broken.
  8. i then tried to use the other feedback form (for Local and long distance, television, Internet), which looked like it might not have the same problem, but upon pressing submit (with a full explanation of why i was using this form rather than the designated one for mobile customers) i am told that the submission failed because you are experiencing "technical difficulties".
  9. now i've gone over my bedtime, and will have to spend more time to literally voice my growing list of complaints on the phone.
  10. all this, because i was trying to be conscientious in checking over my bill before paying it by the due date... GRRRR!

p.s. ooh... it seems my attempt (#8 above) did actually go through, and you're going to respond within 30 days. you'll forgive me if i don't hold my breath while i wait, won't you?

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